Banned Books Week Student Podcast #1

Hey everybody, it’s Banned Books Week! And just like last year, Shirley Nuhn’s English as a Second Language students will be helping us celebrate through heartfelt podcasts. Each day of this week, we will be featuring a new podcast, so stay tuned!

According to the American Library Association, Banned Books Week is an annual celebration of the freedom to read by the entire book community, including librarians, publishers, teachers, and students.¬† This year’s theme is “Celebrating Diversity,” which is especially relevant as we listen to podcasts from students from around the world!

Our first podcast comes from Faiza Mebarki of ESL 32:


“Every year, so many attempts are made to remove books from USA schools and libraries. It’s because of the controversy that these books contain, like sexually explicit, violent, and satanic content, and more. Therefore, the annual celebration of Banned Books Week comes to give everybody the freedom to read his or her favorite book, such as Fifty Shades of Gray, Harry Potter series, and others. I think all people have the right to write and read any book they want. As we all know, we are creatively different, so we shouldn’t expect only the same ideas and points of views. And I think that reading books from different perspectives gives us the way to think differently, change the world into a better place, and explore more. Knowledge is power, and to get this power, I truly believe we should read more books and be free to choose the ones we are interested in. So go and fight for the gift of reading! I am Faiza Mebarki from ESL 32.”

Check Out Our Tech!

It’s common knowledge that the Annandale library has books, but did you know that we also have technology?

What kind of technology, you ask?

We’ve got GoPros, DSLR cameras, camcorders, and audio recorders to cover all your digital project needs! Here are two new items we got this semester:

Use the Nikon D7200 DSLR Camera to take professional photos and record HD movies! A fantastic camera for capturing student club events or practicing your digital photography.

Image result for nikon d7200


The Sony 4K Handycam is an ultra portable, intuitive camcorder that records in full HD! Perfect for recording a class video or capturing your next music concert!

Sony HandyCam CamcorderCheck out our technology page to get more information on equipment loans, or stop by the circulation desk, CG 3rd Floor!

Pokemon Trainers: Come be the Very Best…at the library!

Hello fellow trainers!


Do you wanna be the very best, like no one ever was?!

Ash and Pikachu, character from the show Pokemon, run with detirmination.




Then come to the NOVA Annandale library! We have everything you need to become the ultimate Pokemaster!

Pidgey, a birdlike creature from the show Pokemon, sits in front of the library.

Pidgey is on his way now! CG 3rd floor!





Our carrels on the quiet side of the library provide a great space to study free from distraction!

Crabby, a crablike pokemon creature, sits in the library by books.

Krabby can’t wait to write a paper on the diet of decapod crustaceans!





Our group study rooms have Apple TVs and monitors to use for your next group project!

Gastly, a ghost pokemon, floats in a group study room.

Gastly reserved a group study room to rehearse his research presentation on the physical qualities of gas.





Our library also has thousands of books on every topic! And librarians can’t wait to show you where to find them!

Caterprie, a caterpillar pokemon, sits at the library front desk.

Sarah helps Caterpie check out a book from the circulation desk! What a little bookworm!





But books aren’t the only things we check out. We also have laptops and a wide variety of media equipment, including cameras, video cameras, and audio recorders!

Venonat, a buglike pokemon, sits at the laptop kiosk in the library

Venonat is going to rent a Mac for his summer entomology class!



Spearow, a birdlike pokemon, is sitting next to a GoPro.

Spearow is checking out a GoPro to record his next Pokebattle!





Working on a design project? Our Digital Media Studio has Adobe Creative Cloud, including Photoshop and Illustrator.


Pidgey, a birdlike Pokemon, sits in front of Digital Media Studio computers.

Pidgey can’t wait to use our Dell Touchscreens to edit his aerial photography!




But the best resource of all is our knowledgeable library staff. With our research expertise, we’ll help you understand the power that’s inside!

Librarian shows Caterprie, a buglike pokemon, a book

You teach me, and I’ll teach you, Weedle!



A library staff member stands with Spearow, a birdlike pokemon.

Mariam is hangin’ out with her favorite student, Spearow!




Train hard guys, and come visit us at the library!






Oh, and don’t worry. We’ve chased all the zubats out of here.

A library staff member tries to smash a zubat, a batlike pokemon.

Sarah, the Zubat slayer.