April Celebrations

April is a month of Celebration! 

On March 30th I attended our college’s 2012 Service Awards Luncheon.  The college had 17 faculty and staff who celebrated 25 years of service, 11 faculty and staff who celebrated 30 years of service, and 10 faculty and staff who celebrated 35 years of service.  Congratulations to Annandale Campus faculty Don Devers, Dean Haledjian, Richard Pellerin, and Richard Thompson who were among the 7 faculty and staff members who celebrated 40 years of service.  What an impressive milestone!

On April 10, I joined the celebration for the Annandale Campus 2012 Annual Student Art Show winners.  Their work is displayed throughout the 3rd floor of the CM building, and I encourage you to take a few minutes to walk around and view the impressive talent of our students.

Later this month I will have the opportunity to share in each division’s student honors ceremonies.  The creative talent and intellectual achievements of our students are amazing. 

Later this week I will have the pleasure of attending the 2012 Faculty of the Year reception sponsored by The NVCC Alumni Board and the Educational Foundation.  This annual event recognizes outstanding faculty across the college.  

This month is a time to reflect on the mission of the college and the positive impact each one of us who works at NOVA has on our students.  Congratulations to all faculty, staff and students. 


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March Post

If you were able to get away last week for semester break, I hope you had a relaxing week.  And, if you were working last week, I hope you had time to get caught up.  Although I’m loving this warm weather, I didn’t quite get my “snow days” this winter.  So, my husband and I headed north looking for snow to do some cross country skiing.  And we found some in New Hampshire.  We had a relaxing, long weekend and enjoyed a day of cross country skiing. 

And I had time to read Suzanne Collins’ “Hunger Games”, which is on our Campus Book Club reading list.  Because of the subject matter, I was a little hesitant about reading it.  But I found it interesting and it was a quick read.  I am interested in hearing what those who attend the Book Club have to say.

Right before spring break I had my first “Take Out Thursday” luncheon.  I invited faculty and staff who are new to the campus.  I met some wonderful people and learned a great deal.  A lot of our conversations centered around campus activities.  While they like working here, they are also interested in joining campus activities and they don’t know what the campus has to offer.  For example, they did not know that we have a Book Club.  They had suggestions for a spirit club (wearing college/campus clothing to a basketball or volleyball game), a random “meet up” for lunch invitation,  and/or a movie and discussion event.  I’d like to see their ideas come to fruition. 

It seems we need a weekly events calendar to publicize what we are doing and we may want to start up activites that a group of people would be interested in participating in.  Please send Katie Stramel (kstramel@nvcc.edu) our Community Outreach Specialist,  planned campus events you know about and/or ideas for other events you would like to see happen.  We’ll put everything together for a one-stop-shop where you can learn “What is Happening at Annandale.”


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February news – Richmond, Dr. Poland, President Obama

February has been an exciting month.  

I traveled to the General Assembly in Richmond to meet five Annandale student ambassadors and Calvin Haney, Student Activities Coordinator.  After an introduction by the Chancellor, the  students met with Senator Chap Petersen, Delegates Mark Keam, Kaye Kory, Jim Scott and Vivian Watts and were able to share their thoughts and opinions on what NOVA means to them. And they also were introduced at the noon session of the General Assembly which was a real treat.  I was very proud of our ambassadors! 

Last week, Dr. Charles Poland was honored in Richmond as the 2012 Outstanding Faculty of the Year.  This is an honor well deserved by Dr. Poland.  Congratulations!  Watch your mail for an invitation for a campus congratulatory dessert.

Most exciting for me, President Obama spoke at the Annandale Campus.  Along with Dr. Templin, and VP Gabriel, I had the opportunity to meet him and welcome him to campus. What an honor.  Talk about being nervous and excited.  Please don’t ask me what I said, because I can’t remember.  I only had a few minutes and I thought I had “my lines rehearsed,” but the entire experience went by so quickly.  I did get an “official” picture taken with him; I’m just waiting to get a copy.  And I got to shake the President’s hand three times; twice behind stage and once after his speech.  Even though I met the President before, each time is new and exciting.  I am sorry not everyone was invited to attend, but we hope he will return to the campus and we will have other opportunities to meet him.  I hope you had an opportunity to hear his speech on television or the news.  He was very complimentary of community colleges and NOVA.                       

If you have any questions or comments about information on this blog – or about campus events and information – please email me at bsaperstone@nvcc.edu. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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