Appointment Tutoring Policies

Appointment Information

  1. NOVA offers 50-minute tutoring appointments. Appointments are in Zoom format for remote appointments.
  2. Students may schedule up to two (2) tutoring appointment per week, per subject, and appointments may be made up to two weeks in advance.
  3. You may schedule appointments by going to If you have questions please contact us at
  4. There is no guarantee that a tutor will be available for your subject and/or availability.

Appointment Cancellation

  1. Please be respectful of your tutor’s time by arriving on time, whether the appointment is in person or via Zoom.
  2. If you cannot attend your appointment, please cancel by calling 703.845.6363 or going to the online scheduling system Navigate, which is found at may cancel your own appointment via Navigate.
  3. ALL cancellations should be made one (1) hour in advance, preferably 24 hours in advance.

Missed Appointment Policy

  1. If you do not come to your appointment this will count as a “No Show.”
  2. If you have more than four “No Shows”, you will need to meet with a center supervisor prior to scheduling further appointments.