Appointment Tutoring is perfect when you have a quick question or for when you are working on homework and would like to have someone there to answer questions if you get stuck. But sometimes you need focused attention and longer time frames. When you make an appointment with an ASC tutor, you will get 50 minutes to go over a whole concept or answer several questions.

Call us at 703-845-6363 or go to to make an appointment. For our detailed policies, click here.

Appointment tutoring FAQ

Can I have more than one appointment?
Students are permitted two (2) appointments per week for each subject, but only one per day.

How should I prepare for my appointment?
You will get more out of your appointment if you come prepared. The best way to do that is to review your course material and come up with some specific questions. For example, you might tell your tutor, “I understand this math operation when it’s presented in the example, but I don’t know how to set up this word problem to solve it.” If you make a list of questions to bring to your appointment, you and your tutor will be able to jump right in.

Can I bring a friend to my appointment?
Most of our appointment tutoring is one-on-one tutoring. Some of our tutors are happy to tutor study groups, but you’ll need to ask contact us first.