Walk-in Tutoring

The Academic Success Center offers walk-in tutoring for MTH* classes during all of our operating hours. Just come in to the center, sign in, and make yourself at home. You may sit anywhere in the center: at a table, near a whiteboard, or at one of the computers. Our MTH tutors will be walking around the center to answer any questions. If you need to get the tutor’s attention, you can raise the red stop sign that is at each work station.

We also offer walk-in tutoring for many language classes. Our language walk-in tutoring is located in the World Language Lab in AA-160. The complete schedule is listed below. You can also speak to the Language Lab coordinator about the Conversation Partners program, to practice conversations in your target language!

Fall 2015 Walk-In Language Tutoring Schedule



*Our tutors cannot help with the math placement test or with MTT classes. Please see a supervisor if you have any questions.