Alexandria Campus AtD

I’d like to start with this very creative video, based on the best-selling book.: Where Good Ideas Come From

Good ideas take a long time to evolve, the collision of smaller hunches.

The Ted Ed video that I will then show is this one. More than a video it shows how we can FLIP TedEd videos to make them our own.

All of this in the spirit of going outside the box for greater impact in student success.

2012 Ideas

  • ATD Alexandria
  • What’s up college-wide?
  • Should Al sponsor a college event or a speaker with college draw
  • What are our local hot-button issues?
  • Kathy Lloyd- last ATD slide show, follow-up on author visit
  • Professional development committee
  • PUP sessions
  • All faculty symposium-Teaching tips two (more Al involvement)
  • Campus outreach Community outreach should be on team
  • Nova student success conference
  • Strands
  • Conference committee
  • How do we involve students? New faculty?Student organizations?
  • Tutoring.
  • Exam study session
  • Tech tools for student success
  • Newsletter, video project
  • Information from faculty on innovation
  • Student services connections to highlight
  • Brown bag Friday afternoons Teaching unprepared students
  • Senior citizens as support for students
  • Blackboard training for seniors
  • Advisory group for seniors Keith Wynn
  • senior volunteer
  • Summer bridge
  • Sdv early
  • Student success is not just grades
  • Writing initiative
  • Student empowerment
  • Grade inflation
  • Five things I wish I knew
  • Email to new students about the value of sdv
  • High school engagement
  • Coaching initiative- Denny May

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