Moderating Canvas Quizzes – Giving Additional Time to Students

There has been a lot of confusion on the steps needed to set up a timed quiz in Canvas and how to then assign students extra time for the quiz. You can refer to this How To guide to appropriately set up your quizzes and ensure students have the time they need.

Quiz Extensions Explanatory Guide

Please email with any questions related to this topic.

Cross-Listing Requests for Spring 2021

Cross-listing requests for Spring 2021 courses must be submitted by January 6. Cross-listing is using one Canvas shell for multiple sections. To request cross-listing, please fill out the following form. All requests received by this date will be processed as soon as students have been enrolled. . If you have already submitted your request, note that it will be processed at the same time with no additional action needed.

You can begin building content in your master course at any time. The cross-listing process does not need to be completed before course building. Please note that cross-listing can NOT occur until AFTER students have been enrolled.  Please be sure you do not publish your courses until you receive further information, to give adequate time for the cross-listing process to occur. If you are interested in having your courses cross-listed, or would like more information about cross-listing, please refer to this document:

Cross-Listing Guide

**Please read the information thoroughly to decide if cross-listing is the appropriate choice. Note that after students have begun participating in the class, courses cannot be de-cross listed. 

Canvas Help for Students

Did you know there is a Canvas training course specifically for students that ALL NOVA students have access to?

You no longer need the Canvas for Students module in your courses and can remove it. All students have access to a course called Student Canvas Orientation that contains updated resource links and videos for all things Canvas related. This course is located on their Dashboard or under the All Courses list.

If you wish to be added to this course, please email

Locating All of Your Canvas Courses

Your Fall 2020 courses have arrived, which means that your Dashboard view has changed. Follow these steps to locate ANY course in Canvas.

  1. Select the Courses icon from your Global Navigation Bar.
  2. From the pop out tray, select All Courses at the bottom.
  3. All of your active courses appear in Alphabetical Order on the page.
  4. All of your past enrollments appear in the Past Enrollments area at the bottom.
  5. To select which courses appear on your Dashboard, select the star to the left of the name of the course. Note, only the favorited courses will appear on the Dashboard, but you can customize this anytime.
  6. Only 20 courses can be active on your Dashboard at any time.
  7. Unpublished Courses appear under the Published Courses. This is true of both the Dashboard and the Courses list.
  8. You cannot Favorite any Past Enrollments, but you can still access any of them in order to view or import content.