Need Drop In Help for Canvas, Respondus or Zoom?

We are having Collaborative Open Q&A sessions for Canvas, Respondus and Zoom. If you have questions, please drop in and get your questions answered!

Zoom link: (Links to an external site.)

Tuesday, September 29 from 2:00pm-3:00pm
Thursday, October 1 from 12:00pm-1:00pm
Monday, October 5 from 12:00pm-1:00pm
Wednesday, October 7 from 12:00pm-1:00pm
Thursday, October 8 from 5:30-6:30pm

Common Errors When Lockdown Browser is Applied to Canvas Quizzes

Here is a common error we are hearing that faculty are encountering in Canvas Quizzes when the Lockdown Browser is applied and the solutions to help resolve them:

Student attempts to take the quiz and sees the following error:

“Error: Unable to continue-exam title indicates a webcam must be used, but the course is unknown to our system” (source)

Explanation: The error indicates two possible causes, the instructor has copied content from a course used in the Spring/Summer and didn’t check the Lockdown Browser settings or the instructor has not used LDB before with their course.

The fix:

  • If the instructor copied quizzes/content into their current courses, they need to double check the Lockdown Browser settings for correct setup.
  • If this is the first time the instructor is using Lockdown Browser with Canvas quizzes, log into Canvas, click on the Lockdown Browser button and look for “fix it” next to the quiz title. If “fix it” is there, click on it and your course/quiz will be recognizable.

If your course is a blueprint copy of a master class, the owner of the master course needs to check the Lockdown Browser settings. (source)

Link Here for details.

Contact with other questions.

Signing Up for 1:1 Appointments with a Canvas Trainer

If you’re looking for assistance with your Canvas courses, we’ve got you covered! In order to sign up for a 1:1 appointment with a Canvas trainer, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Canvas calendar and ensure that the Canvas Toolkit course is enabled on your list of course calendars (box to the left of the Toolkit course is colored).
  2. Select on the Find Appointment button located above the list of Calendars.
  3. Select the Canvas Toolkit Course from the dropdown list.
  4. All available appointments will appear on the calendar. Select the one you would like to schedule and select Reserve.


New Workshop Registration System for Faculty and Staff

  • We have implemented a new registration system for faculty and staff to use to sign up for training and professional development workshops. The system is called GoSignMeUp.
  • You can access GoSignMeUp at You will login to your account in the top right hand corner under the myNOVA login.
  • Please access the attached guide to learn more about how to register for these courses using GoSignMeUp.
  • For Canvas related training questions, please email
  • For Academic Technology Service related training questions, please email

Don’t Forget to Check Your Course Start Date

Did you know that students cannot access your published courses if you have set a start date that has not yet occurred in the Settings of your Canvas courses? If you set a start date, even if you publish your course, it is still not accessible to students. Please remember that you need to publish your courses AND set a start date three days before the first day of class to allow your students access to your courses. If you do not set a start date, students will have access as soon as you publish the course.

August New Releases

Need to go back and review old Global Announcements that you have deleted off your Dashboard?

Global Announcements display as a notification in a user’s Dashboard. Users can manually close the notification at any time. Closing the announcement displays an alert indicating that the announcement can be viewed again in the user’s Navigation Menu.

The Global Navigation link is located at the end of the User Navigation Menu.

The Global Announcements page defaults to the Current Announcements tab, which displays all active announcements for the college

The Recent tab displays all announcements with an end date within the past four months.

Getting lots of Canvas notification emails? We’ve got a tutorial for that

We know that you love all of the awesome that we share in the Canvas Toolkit, but if you find that you are getting more (or less) Canvas notifications than you think you should, check out this video tutorial. Did you know that you can even change the settings for each course?! Keep in mind that these are notification preferences for you as a user–you cannot force your students to have specific notifications turned on.


These Canvas Guides might also be useful if video tutorials aren’t your thing:


Spring and Summer 2020 Course Access

You may have noticed that your Spring and Summer 2020 courses have disappeared from your Dashboard. Here are a few things you need to know:

1. You can still access your courses from the Courses icon on your Global Navigation Bar. Select All Courses and then locate the course under Past Enrollments.
2. If you need to access student grades, you may view them in the Grades area, but you CANNOT edit grades from a past term.
3. If a student still needs access to a previous term, you will need to enter an Incomplete in the SIS. This will automatically push to Canvas and give the student access to the course through December 2020.
**NOTE: a new course is NOT generated. The same course is used, however, only students with Incompletes can access it.
4. If you have set availability windows on assignments, you will need to review them to ensure students still have access to submit those assignments.
5. Content from previous courses may be imported into new courses via the Course Import Tool in Settings.