Check Your Canvas Gradebook for Accuracy

As the end of the term approaches, you will want to check to make sure that your Gradebook is set up correctly to ensure that your grades match your Syllabus.

Use this checklist to ensure your Canvas Gradebook is accurate.

Canvas Gradebook Accuracy Check **

Please contact with any questions/concerns

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Canvas Assignments – Webcam Submissions

A new feature in File Upload assignments allows students to use their webcam to submit to an assignment.

For File Upload assignments, students have the option to use their webcam for file uploads. The first time they use the feature, they will need to give permission to Canvas to access their computer webcam. Like all other graded submission types, images submitted via the webcam functionality do not count against course or user quota.

Instructors can view uploaded images submitted via a student’s webcam as they see other file uploads in SpeedGrader and anywhere that submissions are available.

Add New Quizzes Directly to a Module

New Quizzes can now be created as part of adding a quiz directly to a module. When an instructor adds an item to a module and selects a Quiz, the Create Quiz option displays both the New Quizzes and Classic Quizzes quiz engines. New Quizzes is the default, but instructors can switch to Classic Quizzes and create a name for the quiz.

Existing quizzes in the module are also identified as a Classic Quiz if created within the Classic Quizzes quiz engine.

Update to Canvas New Quizzes

There was a new update to New Quizzes that pushed out over the weekend.
Clicking a New Quizzes title will now always open the Assignment Details page for the quiz, so that availability adjustments can be made faster.
When you have finished making your details adjustments, you will want to select ‘Save‘ to take you to the New Quizzes interface.

Chrome Plug in Available to Print Canvas Quizzes

The Canvas Quiz Printer provides a simple way to print off a quiz from Canvas. All you have to do is navigate to the quiz from within Canvas and click on the print icon to the right of the URL bar. A new page will open with your quiz ready to be printed off.

To use: go to a quiz in Canvas, click on the quiz print icon in the top right of the Navigation Bar.

You MUST be using Chrome and install the plug in. Download the Canvas Quiz Printer here.

Understanding Your Notification Preferences in Canvas

Your Notification Preferences can be set and modified from the Account Navigation in your Global Navigation Bar. Select “Account” and then “Notifications.”

Next to each notification, you can select to turn on Notifications for Immediately, Daily, Weekly, or No Notifications given. These preferences dictate which notifications you receive and how often you receive notifications for your Canvas courses.

If you are receiving too many Notifications, too few Notifications, or Notifications too frequently, you can adjust those Preferences at any time. In addition, you can control Notification Preferences for individual courses on the Home Page of each course. These preferences per course overrride the Global Notifications.

Each user controls their own Notification Preferences. This means that you cannot select for your students to receive certain Notifications. They will need to ensure their own preferences are set.  Students will not receive notifications for courses that have not yet been published.

Notifications will be sent to the email you have associated with Canvas. This is generally your NVCC Outlook email. The emails will come from Your Virginia Community College as the sender, with as the sender’s email address. If you do not see these emails, you can check your Junk Email box to see if they are there.

To learn more about Notifications, please use this Canvas guide.

When Can I Expect My Summer 2021 Courses?

Great news! Your Synchronous Learning Summer 2021 Canvas courses will be created on Monday, March 15. You will have access to them at that time. Note – this does not apply to NOVA Online or Hybrid courses. You will receive information from NOVA Online when those courses have been created. Please email with any questions.