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Canvas Assignments – Webcam Submissions

A new feature in File Upload assignments allows students to use their webcam to submit to an assignment.

For File Upload assignments, students have the option to use their webcam for file uploads. The first time they use the feature, they will need to give permission to Canvas to access their computer webcam. Like all other graded submission types, images submitted via the webcam functionality do not count against course or user quota.

Instructors can view uploaded images submitted via a student’s webcam as they see other file uploads in SpeedGrader and anywhere that submissions are available.

Add New Quizzes Directly to a Module

New Quizzes can now be created as part of adding a quiz directly to a module. When an instructor adds an item to a module and selects a Quiz, the Create Quiz option displays both the New Quizzes and Classic Quizzes quiz engines. New Quizzes is the default, but instructors can switch to Classic Quizzes and create a name for the quiz.

Existing quizzes in the module are also identified as a Classic Quiz if created within the Classic Quizzes quiz engine.

Chrome Plug in Available to Print Canvas Quizzes

The Canvas Quiz Printer provides a simple way to print off a quiz from Canvas. All you have to do is navigate to the quiz from within Canvas and click on the print icon to the right of the URL bar. A new page will open with your quiz ready to be printed off.

To use: go to a quiz in Canvas, click on the quiz print icon in the top right of the Navigation Bar.

You MUST be using Chrome and install the plug in. Download the Canvas Quiz Printer here.

Have You Lost Your Grades for an Assignment or Quiz? This Might Be Why.

Occasionally you need to amend an assignment or quiz to give a student or group of students a differentiated due date. If you change the Assign to area to that person(s) name, you will lose all of your other students’ grades. Here’s what you need to do.

Select the +Add button below your original assigned to area.

Add the student(s) names to the new box that appears. Add their individualized due dates.

This maintains the integrity of the quiz and keeps all of your original quiz/assignment data.

Is it ever too late to get it back? No. Just go back into the assignment/quiz, select the +Add button, select Everyone and put back the original due date and availability windows, if given. All the previous grades will re-populate.

Publishing Canvas Zoom Recordings

A new security feature for Zoom Cloud Recordings in Canvas was recently deployed. Recordings must be published for students to be able to access them. You can do this by selecting the Publish button next to the Zoom recording. If a recording is not published, students will not be able to access it. There is no default setting to turn the publishing feature on; it must be manually enabled by the instructor per recording.

Please email with any questions.




Moderating Canvas Quizzes – Giving Additional Time to Students

There has been a lot of confusion on the steps needed to set up a timed quiz in Canvas and how to then assign students extra time for the quiz. You can refer to this How To guide to appropriately set up your quizzes and ensure students have the time they need.

Quiz Extensions Explanatory Guide

Please email with any questions related to this topic.

Check Your Course for Broken Links!

Do you want to verify all external links in your course to ensure validity? You can check these links using the Course Link Validator, which searches your entire course and returns invalid or unresponsive links in both published and unpublished content. This validator checks for external links as well as course links.

How do I validate links in a course? (Canvas Guide)