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Canvas Assignments – Webcam Submissions

A new feature in File Upload assignments allows students to use their webcam to submit to an assignment.

For File Upload assignments, students have the option to use their webcam for file uploads. The first time they use the feature, they will need to give permission to Canvas to access their computer webcam. Like all other graded submission types, images submitted via the webcam functionality do not count against course or user quota.

Instructors can view uploaded images submitted via a student’s webcam as they see other file uploads in SpeedGrader and anywhere that submissions are available.

Have You Lost Your Grades for an Assignment or Quiz? This Might Be Why.

Occasionally you need to amend an assignment or quiz to give a student or group of students a differentiated due date. If you change the Assign to area to that person(s) name, you will lose all of your other students’ grades. Here’s what you need to do.

Select the +Add button below your original assigned to area.

Add the student(s) names to the new box that appears. Add their individualized due dates.

This maintains the integrity of the quiz and keeps all of your original quiz/assignment data.

Is it ever too late to get it back? No. Just go back into the assignment/quiz, select the +Add button, select Everyone and put back the original due date and availability windows, if given. All the previous grades will re-populate.

*Giving Individual Students Differentiated Due Dates

To give an individual student their own due date and/or availability window on a quiz or assignment, you can use the +Add button. It is important to remember that you MUST use the +Add button and select the student(s) and not replace the Everyone with that student’s name. If you replace “Everyone” with an individual student, you will lose the scores of the other students.

Accessing Grades in the Canvas Gradebook for Students Who Have Withdrawn

Did you know you always have access to grades for students who have withdrawn or been dropped from your courses? Even though the grades no longer show in your Canvas gradebook, they still exist.

Navigate to your Grades tab, and hover over the Student Name column. When you see the snowman (three vertical dots), select that and select “Show Inactive Students.” You will then see the grades appear for students who are no longer active.

Check Your Canvas Gradebook!

We have been hearing from a number of students that their grades in CANVAS are not showing correctly.  When we checked, we found that many Gradebooks were not set up correctly.  Be sure you are giving students the grades you intend!

Use this checklist to ensure your Canvas Gradebook is accurate.  It is better than having to do a grade change later!

Canvas Gradebook Accuracy Check

Please contact with any questions/concerns

The NEW Gradebook will be here before you know it!

As of January 1, the NEW Gradebook will be replacing the current version in all of your courses.  Make sure you are familiar with the NEW version. There are still webinars being offered in December to help you prepare. To sign up for training, visit

Also, here are some useful guides to get you started!

As always, if you need assistance, please reach out to

Cross-Listing Sections for Spring 2020 – Request Now!

The deadline for requesting your Spring 2020 courses to be cross-listed is fast approaching! You need to make your request by Jauary 8, 2020.

What is cross-listing? Well, think of it like teaching multiple sections of a same course out of one master course. You only have to create content in one course, navigate one course, and grade from one course. Worry it’s not for you? Watch the quick tutorial below and view the 1 page guide to see what it’s all about.

Interested in cross-listing your Spring 2020 courses? Put your request in at

Select the image above to access the Cross-listing Guide & Tutorial Video.