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Publishing Canvas Zoom Recordings

A new security feature for Zoom Cloud Recordings in Canvas was recently deployed. Recordings must be published for students to be able to access them. You can do this by selecting the Publish button next to the Zoom recording. If a recording is not published, students will not be able to access it. There is no default setting to turn the publishing feature on; it must be manually enabled by the instructor per recording.

Please email with any questions.





On May 12, you will see a new update to your Canvas courses. The NEW Rich Content Editor will replace the current version in your Announcements, Syllabus, Assignments, Quizzes, Discussions and Pages.

Here is a quick video tutorial of the NEW Rich Content Editor.


Please refer to the document below to see a side by side comparison of the current Rich Content Editor vs. the NEW Rich Content Editor.

Rich Content Editor Comparison

Canvas New Releases 4/18/20 – Part 2

Muting Course Notifications

Users can mute all notifications for a course where the user is enrolled. Course notifications are enabled by default. On the home page, users can choose to disable notifications for the course.

On-Time Submission Celebrations

Canvas generates a virtual celebration when students submit assignments on time.

Canvas NEW Releases – 3/21/2020

Here is a summary of the New Releases that came out on 3/21/2020.


In the Syllabus tab, you now have the ability to show the Course Summary or not. The checkbox is selected by default, but you have the ability to deselect it if you do not wish for students to see it.


If you are using Turnitin, the icons previously used to indicate plagiarism have been updated.

Report types are indicated by the following icons:

  • Error icon: the submission could not be submitted to the plagiarism service; resubmit from SpeedGrader
  • Clock icon: the submission is being processed by the plagiarism service
  • Green certified checkmark icon: the similarity score is between 0% and 20%
  • Red half-filled circle icon: the similarity score is between 20% and 60%
  • Solid red circle icon: the similarity score is higher than 60%



New Quizzes New Releases

Canvas New Releases brought a few changes to New Quizzes this weekend. The first is that you can now create it on the Quizzes tab. Selecting +Quiz gives you the ability to choose to create a Classic Quiz (native Canvas quiz tool) or a New Quiz. New Quizzes are also now displayed as a solid rocketship icon. Watch this short video to see this in action.