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Publish Canvas Spring 2021 Course Shells

You are expected to publish all your Canvas shells for classes starting January 11 on the morning of January 8. Please do not publish it before that date. Publishing a course too early interferes with cross-listing and may allow a student to progress too far in the course without guidance.

For classes starting later in the term, you should publish your Canvas shell 3 days before the start of the session, that is when students will be told to look for them. Remember….you are the one that must publish your course for students to see it. Students cannot access your course if it is not published.

It is not necessary to set the Start date for the course within Settings. If you edit this, students will not have access to the course until that date/time and will not have access to course announcements or Zoom links within your course prior to that date.

June New Releases for Canvas

There are 2 New Releases for June. Select the link for the related Canvas Guides.

  1.  Assignment Bulk Due Date Editing – you now have the option to update due dates and availability dates for multiple assignments and assessments at one time. Additionally, if you previously assigned differentiated due dates for sections, students, or groups, you can bulk update these due and availability dates.
  2. Muting Course by Course Notifications – this feature allows you to specify the notifications you wish to receive per course, rather than the default global setting of all courses.

Want to Be a Part of History?

Well, maybe not history……but you could help NOVA make a big decision! Should we purchase Qwickly Course Tools and Qwickly Attendance Tool?

Qwickly Course Tools, allows instructors to create course content, announcements and events that can be pushed out to multiple courses at one time without the need to re-create content or importing course content.

Qwickly Attendance Tools is an alternative to Canvs Roll-Call Attendance, which allows instructors to take attendance in their courses in a more user-friendly manner.

If you are interested in being a part of this pilot group, please respond to this survey.

Qwickly Pilot Group Survey (link to the form)


Welcome to The Chronicles of Canvas Blog

This blog is dedicated to NOVA faculty and staff to keep you up to date on all things Canvas. Please feel free to add comments and/or questions to any blog post. If you have any recommendations for blog posts you would like to see, please email

The contributors to this blog are:

Heidi Redmond, Manager of Canvas Support Services at NOVA,  Johnna Denny, Canvas LMS Administrator and Tammy Barclay,  Canvas Content & Quality Assurance Specialist| Lead Canvas Trainer.