New Quizzes New Releases

Canvas New Releases brought a few changes to New Quizzes this weekend. The first is that you can now create it on the Quizzes tab. Selecting +Quiz gives you the ability to choose to create a Classic Quiz (native Canvas quiz tool) or a New Quiz. New Quizzes are also now displayed as a solid rocketship icon. Watch this short video to see this in action.

Canvas New Releases Coming Tomorrow!

Canvas is coming out with some great new releases this cycle! Here are the highlights.

Direct Share – allows you to share content across courses and with other instructors.


User Pronoun choice – you can select a pronoun choice that will appear after your name in Canvas.


There are also new releases related to the new Rich Content Editor and New Quizzes. These will be featured in separate blog posts coming out next week, so stay tuned!




It’s Not Too Late to Join the Qwickly Pilot Group

It’s not too late to become a part of the Qwickly Pilot Group. We are piloting both the Attendance tool and the Qwickly Course Tools, which allows you to create content to share across multiple courses. If you would like to be a part of the pilot group, please fill out the following form and I will send you the information!

Qwickly Pilot Group Request Form

Not sure if you want to be part of the pilot group? Watch these videos to learn more.

Qwickly Course Tools Tutorial

Qwickly Attendance Tutorial


Importing Your Course Content to a New Course

Do you want to take your fabulous content from one course and bring it to another? Perhaps you had a wonderful Fall 2019 course set up that you want to copy into your Spring 2020 course. Perhaps you teach several sections of the same course and only want to do the work once. Here is a handy video to show you how to do that easily.

*Note – if you use an external publisher textbook, there is VITAL information you will want to know to save you headache down the road!