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Check Your Course for Broken Links!

Do you want to verify all external links in your course to ensure validity? You can check these links using the Course Link Validator, which searches your entire course and returns invalid or unresponsive links in both published and unpublished content. This validator checks for external links as well as course links.

How do I validate links in a course? (Canvas Guide)


Restoring Deleted Content

Have you accidentally deleted content (assignments, quizzes, pages, announcements, discussions) from your course? Need to get it back? Follow the steps below to “undelete.”

  1. Navigate to your course homepage.
  2. In the URL bar, find the name of your course. It will start with learn.vccs.edu/courses/ and will contain a number.                              (ie – learn.vccs.edu/courses/999999)
  3. Put your cursor after the course number and add a forward slash and the word “undelete.”                                                                                      (ie – learn.vccs.edu/courses/999999/undelete)
  4. A list of deleted content appears with the ability to restore content.