CCI alumni in Brazil

CCI Alumni: Making a Difference in their Home Communities

This summer, the Community College Initiative (CCI) Program will release a series of videos that showcases the impact of CCI alumni projects and contributions in their home communities. Over the past several months, a small team of filmmakers from StoryCenter have been making their way around the world to film […]

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Celebrate CCI Seeds

#CCISeeds around the World

To celebrate 10 years of the Community College Initiative (CCI) Program, CCI alumni have been planting #CCISeeds around the world and posting on social media about their experience. So far, CCI alumni from 12 countries have participated in #CCISeeds, sowing seeds of good intentions for the future. The #CCISeeds campaign […]

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CCI 10 Year Banner

10 Years of the CCI Program

Let’s Celebrate! This year the Community College Initiative (CCI) Program is celebrating its 10th year of international exchanges at community colleges across the United States! To celebrate our alumni and commemorate this milestone, during the CCI Pathways to Success Midyear Program in January 2017, this year’s 211 CCI participants and […]

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