Social Host Lt. John Weinstein

College Police Lieutenant Hosts CCI International Students

Lt. John Weinstein, a police lieutenant at one of the Community College Initiative (CCI) Program’s host campuses, has taken on the role of social host for two 2017-2018 CCI participants from Colombia: Camila Colorado and Natalia Martinez. In an article published in the November 2017 edition of NOVA’s Public Safety Newsletters, Lt. Weinstein […]

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Ebenezer and Mehedi sit with their social host's family.

International Exchange Through the Eyes of a Social Host

Each host campus of the Community College Initiative Program has a different way of approaching social hosts. At Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA), the Social Host Program is an opportunity for local U.S. citizens to act as cultural ambassadors to CCI participants by sharing aspects of their everyday lives. Throughout […]

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