An Anecdote of Hope

The reminisced of getting final selection for CCI Program always fascinated me. Before getting final selection of CCI Program, I always saw the ramble of my dreams besotted with immense tranquility. I can clearly remember the day when I got a congratulations mail from American Center, Bangladesh about the final selection of this Program. I can explain about how to go forward for catching up a dream but it is quite impossible to explain of my feelings of during that moment. All I can say is that my aim and dream were shaking hand and walking on the same road. After saying good bye to my parents & well wishers, I started my journey to the United States. How easy to say by words but by feelings it is really polar opposite. However, getting finally selection wasn’t easy for me. It was as tough as my first few weeks after arrival in United States. Immediately after landing it seems like I am a single small drop in this extensive world.  Whatever, I got the solution of my silly imagination when I saw a beautiful lady waiting for me in the waiting area of airport and said welcome to the United States with her smile. Yes, she is my coordinator Kelly Forbes. What metaphor should I put for her I don’t know but she is the hope on the horizon.

Zulfikar with program coordinator and fellow CCI participants at the cross cultural pot luck luncheon.

Needless to say, there are lot of new experience are waiting for me. My Coordinator brought me in the apartment. Everything was fine. But I started introducing with the word CHALLENGE when I felt hungry. This was because; I didn’t know how to cook. It was really hard time for me. Whatever, the repercussion of the challenge was tremendous. In a few weeks, I learned how to cook by the helping of my apartment mates and my willingness. Now I can proudly say that I am a good cook. I can survive anywhere in this world. Eventually, I am facing lot of small and big challenges and trying to acclimatize with this new lovely environment.

In front of the World Bank before the International Young Leaders Assembly (IYLA) Global Youth Summit.

Every challenge what I’m facing teach me that everything in this world happens for a reason. Every single thing in this world is valuable. Even it can be a small failure step.  CCI Program is helping me to learn something new, to experience something new, and to do something new for making a better world for living. In CCI Program every participant is meritorious and talented. Everyone is doing awesome job. Everyone is the future leader. Staying and living with future leaders always makes people productive.

Moreover, besides studying I’m participating lot of conferences, team work and Volunteering. It’s making my life more productive.  It has been more than two months in the United States and I’m hardly trying to find the answer of a simple question that can’t I do anything for this habitable world? I don’t want to get lost from this earth before making a positive impact in my community, before bringing a little change in my community, and before bringing a step ahead my community. I don’t know will I get this beautiful time back again or not but I want to go beyond and beyond by keeping the sweet memory of CCI Program. I want to hear the sweet melodies of these words “CCI Program Exchange our World” Thousand million time.

Blog written by Zulfikar Belal from Bangladesh, a 2018-2019 CCI participant at NOVA-Annandale. 

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