2015-2016 Participants

Sandra Appiah, NOVA Annandale 2015-2016, Ghana

Sandra Appiah is my name. 23 years of age and I’m from Shai Hills which can be located in the Eastern part of Ghana. I’m majoring in Tourism and Hospitality Management. It’s my goal to be a hotel manager in the near future, an author and a proud owner of a Travel and Tour agency.  I believe that it’s  never too late to be what you want to be. So long as you keep believing in yourself and working towards making your dreams a reality. With determination and a will power, the sky might be your only limit.

Posts by Sandra: My CCI Experience

Abdelkhalek Mohamed, NOVA Annandale 2015-2016, Egypt
Abdelkhalek Mohamed, NOVA Annandale 2015-2016, Egypt

Abdelkhalek Mohamed

I’m 27 years old, I’m from a country that has more than 7000 years of history, Egypt. My major in industrial engineering. And I will have my own factory one day, I don’t know when and i don’t know where. The only thing that I know that I will have it one day. CCI experience made me also pretty sure about that.

Posts by Abdelkhalek: Contribute. Connect. Interact.

Yeidy Rivas Carabali, NOVA Alexandria 2015-2016, Colombia

Yeidy Rivas Carabali is my name. I am 20 year of age and I’m from Cali-Colombia which is located in South America. I studied Early Childhood Education at NOVA Alexandría. Now, in Colombia I’m about to continue my studies and become a professional teacher by giving my knowledge and continue learning from kids. They are the future of the world and they have a lot of to teach us.

Posts by Yeidy: The Opportunity That Changed My Life!


Sifiso Ngobeni, NOVA-Annandale 2015-2916, South Africa

My name is Sifiso Ngobeni aged 25 born in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. I am a journalist by profession but still maintain that I am an aspiring writer because one (in my opinion) does not arrive at being a writer; it remains a constant learning process for me. I flirt with the title of ‘social activist’ because that is what I consider journalism to be – an act of activism that gives a voice to the voiceless. We are infinite possibilities; we can do anything we dedicate our time to. “Remain a slave to your potential.”

Posts by Sifiso: Time Creates Relationships

Nabila Akter, NOVA Annandale 2015-2016, Bangladesh

Hey I am Nabila Akter from the city of mosque Dhaka in Bangladesh. I am a young girl with lot of dreams. I am doing Bachelor on Hospitality Management. I want to be a hotelier and also open my own hotel somewhere in Bangladesh. This is my career plan and also I want to open something like NGO how I can help people. CCI had already given me the right path to walk towards my passion and dream. My belief is “Nothing is impossible so let’s just do it”.

Posts by Nabila: Home Away From Home

Akhlaq Khan, NOVA Annandale, India

Akhlaq Khan studied Business Administration and Management.

Posts by Akhlaq: My Life in a Year

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