Current Participants-Alexandria Campus

Nayeem Abdul Khan India
Information Technology
Nayeem Khan is from Hyderabad, a state in India. He has two years of vocational degree in the field of Computer Science and Engineering, He has also completed 3 years of Bachelors in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. However, He is currently studying Information Technology at Northern Virginia Community College. Nayeem worked for a non-profit organization named as GNITT Computer Education for 6 Months as IT technician. Therefore, He wishes to establish his own IT Company in Hyderabad.

Elfis Adu Indonesia
Elfis lives in Kupang City, Indonesia. He is currently studying Entrepreneurship at Northern Virginia Community College. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in English Education at Nusa Cendana University, Kupang in 2014. Before joining the CCI Program, he worked as a marketing supervisor at PT Ivaro Ventura, one of the finance companies in Indonesia. Besides having a regular job, he also joined a youth community where he was able to give back to the community by doing volunteer with people from other countries who came to Kupang. Through the CCI Program, Elfis hopes to achieve his dream of running his own business to provide work opportunities for other people in his community.

Valentina Asempah, Ghana
Engineering – Construction Management
Valentina comes from Volta Region, the Eastern part of Ghana but lives in Accra the Capital Region of the country. She is currently studying Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) and Construction Estimating at Northern Virginia Community College, Alexandria Campus. Back in her country, she studied Building Technology at Cape Coast Polytechnic and she is hoping to become a Quantity Surveyor in future. Valentina would also like to set up a foundation that will help empower young ladies in her community to attain their dreams.

Sara Awadallah, Egypt
Early Childhood Education
Sara is from Cairo, the capital city of Egypt. She is currently studying “Early Childhood Education” in Northern Virginia Community College, Alexandria Campus. Sara earned her Bachelor of Science in 2011; however, she found her true passion in teaching. She has been working as a science teacher for the past six years. She is also a power yoga and kids yoga teacher. Her goal is to establish a non-profit organization back home that would provide quality education as well as extracurricular activities for children in slum areas around Cairo. In her free time, Sara loves to practice contemporary dance and kickboxing.

Lelre Ferreira da Silva, Brazil
Information Technology
Lelre is from Paracatu, a small city in the State of Minas Gerais. Before coming to the United State of America to study Computer Internetworking Technologies, he was studying Analysis and Systems Development at the Federal Institute of Science and Technology. In his country, he was a volunteer at a non-profit organization for seven years. He used to teach computer maintenance to teenagers, also he worked at a private computer school as a computer instructor. In reason of his history in the field of education, he developed a love for teaching, his main goal is become a university professor in his home country.

Dede Firmansah, Indonesia
Dede Firmansah, usually called Defir, is currently pursuing his study in Leadership Development at Northern Virginia Community College through the CCI Program. He believes by joining this program, he will improve his leadership skills and performances in marketing management specifically in Promotion and Social Media. Previously, he received a scholarship from the Ministry of Industry Republic of Indonesia for his associate degree at Polytechnic of APP Jakarta and graduated with honors in 2015. Prior to the CCI Program, he had worked for two years as a consultant for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) at the Government Department in the 2nd smallest regency of West Java, Purwakarta. In the future, Defir is planning to initiate the SME’s Branding Project to continue helping small and medium enterprises because he understands by bringing a lot of competences and priceless experiences in the US, it will help him not only to succeed in a professional career but also to make a positive impact on the community.

Carlos Laverde Parra, Colombia
Early Childhood Education
Carlos is from Colombia. He is studying Early Childhood Education in Northern Virginia Community College. Back in his country, he has been studying Bilingual education for six semesters. Carlos’ purpose in life is to become a teacher and help his community by teaching about life in a second language. He is interested in participating in a program called Teach around Colombia in order to share his knowledge with the most in-need population of his country. In the future, Carlos wants to create a teacher’s organization to go all over the world teaching about life and culture so as to enjoy himself by doing what he loves.

Md Masud, Bangladesh
Early Childhood Education
Md Masud is a native of Chittagong, the second largest city of Bangladesh. He is studying Early Childhood Education at Northern Virginia Community College and was nominated as a candidate in CCI program 2018-19. In Bangladesh Masud is a teacher in a religious school -locally known “Madrasa”- where he teaches English and other general subjects to the children. He also organizes English language training events throughout the year for the adult people and students of religious schools. In future Masud desires to play more active role as an educator and work with the children and adults who are deprived of basic education for social or financial causes.

Patrick A.K. Neequaye, Ghana
Information Technology
Patrick A.K. Neequaye comes from Ghana and specifically Greater Accra Region which in the southern part of the Country. He is currently studying Web Design and Development on the Alexandria Campus at the Northern Virginia Community College. Back home He was studying Computer Science in Ho Technical University. Patrick is aspiring to be Database Analyst and hopes to establish a Company that provides database solutions to up and coming companies and established ones too. He hopes to start a foundation that will provide free IT training to people who can’t afford to pay for the training tuition back home. He likes explore new places, read and listen to music on his spare time.

Priyanka Nighot, India
Priyanka is from Mumbai, a city in India where she studied Commerce for four semesters at the Mumbai University, India. However, she is currently studying Business Management and Administration at Northern Virginia Community College. Priyanka worked for an NGO as an Intern of Alumni Engagement Vertical. Also she was part of the Apni Shala’s Youth Project program, which is based on the social emotional learnings in her country. Therefore, she wishes to establish her own non-profit organization that will help the youth in education in future. This is because, she loves to organize events and interact with people.

Joan Ogando Martinez, Dominican Republic
Information Technology
Joan is from Dominican Republic, he lives in the country’s capital which is called Santo Domingo. He is at NOVA, studying Web Design and Development. Since a little kid he was interested in the IT area; his love for solving logical problems drove him to the specific area of programming. In the future, Joan wants to be a freelancer developer, and if the opportunity is presented, he would love to have his own company of web and systems development and support.

Evans Opiyo, Kenya
Engineering – Construction Management
Evans Opiyo is from Kenya one of the beautiful countries from the continent of Africa. He is from a small city called Kisumu and was a student of Construction Management in a college called Ramogi Institute of Advance Technology for the last two years. He is currently studying Computer Aided Designing work in the United States of America in Alexandria campus, and is hoping to have a chance in the future to start a computer designing firm in his country to help reach his people They will receive best services from Evans because of the good training he is undergoing, hence changing the life of his people.

Alka Sharma, India
Engineering – Computer Aided Drafting and Design
Alka Sharma is from the capital of India, Delhi. She is a student of Civil Engineering. She is studying Computer Aided Design (CAD) at Northern Virginia Community College. Back in her country she was working with the students of underrated communities. She opened an NGO which works for the academic and professional development of the people living in the slum areas because she was also from that area and she knew what can help them better in regards of their personality development. Now her main goal is to start high tech courses for the students who are not able to afford the money for the course. She had completed her diploma in civil engineering from GB PANT INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. She like to dance a lot and interact with new and different people.

Berke Sutcu, Turkey
Information Technology
Berke, 23, is from Istanbul, Turkey. He is studying CyberSecurity at NOVA Community College. He’s also studying a 2-year program, Computer Programming, in his home country and planning on starting Software Engineering as soon as finishing Computer Programming. He’s been working in this field for more than 5 years and very passionate about programming. Berke wants to build his own software company and make his own projects.

Theoviliana Tekege, Indonesia
Thea is from Nabire – Papua, Indonesia. She is studying Business & Management at Northern Virginia Community College. In her country she worked as an Engineer in PT. Freeport Indonesia. Before worked at this company she accomplished a bachelor degree in Trisakti University Jakarta, Indonesia. Beside that she had an interest in marketing and business so she decided for learn how to create a business especially in small business & entrepreneurship. She wishes that she could contributing her skills to her community by providing training for local small businessmen, and help merchants to find buyers for their product

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