2016-2017 Participants

Vanesa de la Cruz, NOVA Annandale 2016-2017, Colombia

My name is Vanesa de la Cruz, 18, and I decided to live every day of my live, one by one, with my whole heart. I am a Colombian girl (Paisa, from Medellín) strong and full of energy and determination to fight for my dreams and be the best version of myself every day. My dream is simple to say but hard to accomplish: I want to be a journalist and create my own newspaper in Colombia. I am currently studying Media and Journalism in NOVA-Annandale. I am a writer now, that is what I love the most, my passion and vocation. I also enjoy reading, eating (not cooking), exercising and dancing. The thing that I want the most is to travel all around the world; I just started but I will do it!

Posts by Vanesa: The Walker Soul

Finding Inner Light

Md Emrul Ahsan Mehedi, NOVA Alexandria, 2016-2017, Bangladesh

Md Emrul Ahsan Mehedi was raised in different cities of Bangladesh. He is a participant of Community College Initiative Program 2016-2017, and studying Business Marketing at Northern Virginia Community College, Alexandria campus. CCI program is truly changing his life, provides the opportunity to explore and learn with some exceptionally brilliant participants from 13 other countries. Every day is a new learning which is like the fuel for the lifetime. Mehedi believes, we all have the same purpose in our life, it is to make the world a better place in different ways. He wants to be a business consultant to empower the businesses of Bangladesh and contribute to the economy of Bangladesh.

Posts by Mehedi: CCI NOVA 2016 2017 -The Beginning

Naik Alam, NOVA Annandale 2016-2017, Pakistan

My name is Naik Alam; I am 28, Belonging from Nomal, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. Currently I am studying Business Management at NOVA Annandale, Virginia. I always have an optimistic approach, I believe that after each difficulty there is an ease therefore; we should always carry on our struggle. My core values are; I am down to earth, committed, motivated and a hard worker. In future I am dreaming to have my own business and particularly I am planning to focus on agri-business where I can generate employment opportunities especially for the people who are struggling with their poverty and indirectly I will play a greater role in the economy of my country.

Posts by Naik: Why should I volunteer?

Building Peace in a Diverse Society

Ramaabele Millicent Mabotha, NOVA-Alexandria 16-17, from South Africa

My name is Ramaabele Millicent Mabotha, I am from South Africa and a participant in the CCI Program 2016-17. I major in Marketing, I have studied Advertising & Marketing Communication, Public Relations, Communication Science (thank goodness I did, it has been helping me to cope with different cultures all at once) and Media Studies. I have always had great interest in anything that happens in the marketing industry hence now I am also taking Communication design (graphics for beginners) to enhance my skills and add knowledge.  In the near future I will own a company that teaches and manages digital content for small businesses, a program that empowers both young boys & girls. I am a great believer of the saying “If you can think about it, you are most probably capable of doing it”.

Posts by Millicent: The Desirable Hunger

Touch Your Society

I am Halith Syed from the mother India. I am 20 years old. I am an Information Technology student in NOVA campus and also a CCI Program participant 2016-17. I did my Bachelor of Computer Application in Pondicherry (India). I am an optimistic person and an easy going guy. I am a hard worker and down to earth personality. I am quite confident guy to face all the problems without turning my back. I love to explore new things and new places. I live my life in the present and enjoy each and every moment.  In future, I would like build an IT research center in my home country to take part in its development. I strongly believe in love and generosity which will allow me to gain the people’s heart. For me, the toughest thing is winning the hearts of others.

Posts by Halith: Conflicts Condemmed

Lerato Mahloko, NOVA-Annandale 16-17, South Africa

My name is Lerato Mahloko from the Republic of South Africa one of the most complex countries one would have the pleasure of seeing. I was born and raised in the economic capital city of Johannesburg, Soweto by a determined mother. She didn’t buy me much but the one thing she insisted I have were books, which created a love of reading that eventually landed me in the grand USA. I am currently studying Business Management with a focus on Social Enterprises because I run a non-profit company that advances a reading culture (ReaderWorld NPC) back home, I intend to learn as much as I can, so I can get back home to make it as awesome!

Posts by Lerato: Hello! Hello…, Hello?


Pew Chowdhury, NOVA Annandale 2016-2017

My name is Pew Chowdhury studying Hospitality management in Northern Virginia Community College, representing my beloved country Bangladesh. I am 22 years’ young lady with full of energy and enthusiasm. I love to explore new different places, different cultures, and so many different things. I spread happiness wherever I go because I love to make people happy. Therefore, volunteering and humanitarian services has become my passion to bring smile to people. I would prefer being around people and work with group. I am flexible working with groups and followed by logic when it comes in decision making. I have a lots of dream but the one dream that will never change is to become a person whom will be remembered by people for her good deed.

Posts by Pew: We

Edzon Samuel Aquino Pineda, NOVA-Alexandria 16-17 from Dominican Republic

Edzon Samuel Aquino Pineda is an IT student focused in the Networking field in Northern Virginia Community College. He is very passionate about how the Internet can help us so much nowadays. His expectations are to expand knowledge about technology and how Internet develop its job.
From the very beginning Edzon has been interested not only in IT but also in English as a language. He worked as an English teacher in his country for 1 year and 7 months, this time made him realize on his weaknesses in English. He is looking forward to become full bilingual.
Edzon enjoys outdoor and indoor activities. In his hobbies are included: videogames, music, technology, chess, basketball, and baseball. Playing chess is the hobby that he likes the most.

Posts by Edzon: My Internship Experiences

Meher Sultana, NOVA-Alexandria 2016-2017, from Pakistan

I am Meher Sultana from Gilgit_Baltistan Pakistan. I worked for non-government organization in Pakistan and indulged in different volunteer work. I am doing my Business Management and entrepreneurship at NOVA, Alexandria. I am full of confidence and know what is a good way to achieve the zenith. I want to be a successful business woman and want to open the window of opportunities to my community. I came across so many facts and ideas about life which can create a good quality of life. I believe, determinations are the power to face the challenges and being honest with yourself is a best thing to achieve your goals. I learnt, diversity is a good thing and believe on humanity will make a world a better place to live.

Posts by Meher:
Different Cultures are Beautiful

Moving Forward

Ebenezer Offei Boadi, NOVA-Alexandria 16-17 from Ghana

Ebenezer Offei Boadi is the name given after birth. Some people and my friends call me Ebenezer, others Avenesa and mostly Eben. Am a black Ghanaian guy whom I live most of my childhood life on the
Agricultural Field due to my passion to create, discover unknown, renovate, alter, and to guide others for a better potential I became an artist. Trying hard in helping others to unlock their potential and my own turns out for me to visualize and dream as an architect and a consultant following my compassion and desire to make new. Fortunately, am engaged in a ten months’ scholarship program sponsored by the US Department of States to be trained, educated and experience a diversity of international routing and culture I had dreamt of someday and due to my passion eager beaver to make change and build a better affordable society, country and the world at large for everyone to be immunize from adrift of pain in life had driven me to be in the program. With the desire and passion currently studying Engineering Construction Management at Northern Virginia Community College. I base on this field to create a sustainable environment for each and every one including nature. Am passionate on working critically to establish these potentials to reality and to individuals. I enjoy to learn and experience new technologies and laid down decisions for the future. So therefore, for me to cause this stir, I have been champing at the bit by interviewing professionals and consultants, reading and researching on how to make it happen. I engage in volunteering activities like construction, feeding the homeless, etc. and sports activities especially soccer, basketball and volleyball because I enjoy doing them.

Posts by Ebenezer: Family and a New Life


Picessylia “Cessy” Anakay, NOVA Annandale 2016-2017 from Indonesia

My name is Picessylia Safiransi Anakay but my friends call me Cessy. I was born in Kupang, capital city of East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia, 24 years ago. I grew up in a big family with 6 siblings. I learned to be independent since I was young. I went to Vocational High School and studied tourism and English. Tourism and English became my passion since then. Then I moved to Bali, Indonesia’s most visited touristic site, to build my career in that field. Before I got the scholarship to United States I was working as Regional Sales Executive of Oasis Hospitality Hotel Management. Currently, I am studying Tourism Planner and Marketing in Northern Virginia Community College as part of Community College Initiative Program 2016. My goal after this is to have my own travel agency to help promote and build tourism industry in my hometown.

Posts by Cessy:

Don’t Give Up on People

First Baseball Game!

Too Spicy but Yummy

Fazilet Oruc, NOVA Annandale from Turkey

I’m Fazilet Oruç . I was born in 1993 , Turkey . I’m studying Business Management . I would like to work at Private Sector in a department of Human Resources . My hobbies ; Horse Riding and Taking a Pictures . My recreational activity ; Play Tennis .

Posts by Fazilet:

My CCI Journey; 12 Countries 1 Family



Martina, NOVA Alexandria from Indonesia

Martina is a Staff of Medical Record and Health Information Department at General Hospital of Haji Padjonga Daeng Ngalle and a lecturer of Medical Record and Health Information Program at Health Science College (STIKES) Panakkukang. Prior to her joining staff at current institutions, she had worked as a staff of guidance and student counseling at Academy of Medical Record and Health Information (APIKES) Panakkukang. She has been joining into Perhimpunan Profesional Perekam Medis dan Informasi Kesehatan Indonesia (PORMIKI) or Indonesian Professional on Medical Record and Health Information Organization) branch of Makassar. During her time in health sector, she realized how poor information technology in her department. It has inspired her to pursue a field of study in information technology in Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA). Upon the completion of her program, she intends to come back to her institution and actively join in educational program and organizations on public health to realize her long term goal as a consultant on the field she is proposing. She has a great hope to implement IT in public health. She enjoys travelling, shopping, reading and cooking.

Posts by Martina: What the CCI Program means to me

Leoncio Ferreira Da Silva Neto, NOVA-Alexandria 16-17, from Brazil

Leoncio is a computer science student, who loves games and the
possibilities that computers give to us. As part of the CCI Program he is taking classes on Computer Science, Design and Business, as his goal is to build a game development company. Learning has been his major goal here in the US, because computers can be a tool of change if used for the right purposes. Through games is possible to engage social causes and the development can help teach logic and responsibility to everyone. Leoncio` s hobbies include almost any outdoor activities, games, book, comics and art. Straight from Brazil to experience the culture and technology of the United States.

Posts by Leoncio: Where lies the resources?

My name is Natallia Rumboirussy, one of the CCI participants from Papua, Indonesia. I am currently studying at NOVA Annandale and my major is Public Relation. Began with a small dream to contribute human resource development in Papua, I have started drafting my beautiful journey of life by enjoying this ten-months exchange program in USA. My goal is not just about achieving a certificate at the end of this program, but all of the experiences and also the learning process is the most important things for me. However, through the learning process there must be challenging situations, but indeed I believe that those lessons are just make me stronger and give a chance for me to address them wisely.

Posts by Natallia: Maximize Campus’s Resources

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