Consultation Services.

CETL teaching consultations  allow you to discuss your teaching as you wish to do so.  Feedback from any consultation is invaluable for your growth as a teacher, and that’s all they are for.  They are always confidential and are never part of your NOVA Evaluation.  Information is not provided by CETL to anyone else, although your are encouraged to share it yourself.

CETL offers several kinds of teaching consultations.

Pre-Observation Consultation
This is a teaching consultation designed to give you feedback before you are observed for evaluation purposes. Your Faculty Associate will visit your class and then  will consult with you to give you tips and tricks  to be sure your evaluative classroom observation by your dean is the best it can be.

One on One Teaching Consultation
A CETL staff member will meet with you one on one in your office or theirs.  You can use this time to discuss any teaching concern or innovation that you want to talk about.  This is a collaborative process between you and the consultant.   CETL staff is happy to help you think through new ways to improve your students’ success.

Class Consultations
This is a three part process designed for your Faculty Associate to give you individualized feedback regarding your teaching.  There is a pre-consultation conference, a classroom visit, and a post-class visit conference.  If you wish, the class visit can be videotaped for all or part of it.  You may wish to focus on particular aspects of your teaching or just ask for general consideration.

Learning and Teaching Assessment Polls
This is a very positive consultation with your students done at mid semester.  It asks six questions of your student.  The students collaborate on the questions in small groups and then your faculty advocate will collect and collate the student answers and discuss them with you.  Feedback from this process enhances class interactions,  pinpoints teaching techniques and strategies that work the best and identifies those that don’t..  It will give you an idea of how your students are studying and what techniques and resources they are using.  Best of all, this is done in a just-in-time manner so you can respond to your students’ concerns.   The students see this opportunity in a very positive way and appreciate the opportunity given to them.

Here are the six question:  What facilitates learning in this course?  What interferes with learning in this course?  What suggestions to you have to improve learning in this course?  What do you do to facilitate your own learning in this course?  What do you do or not do that interferes with learning in this course?  What can you to do improve your learning in this course?


For any kind of teaching consultation or to discuss which is best for you, contact CETL at





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