PUP 2015 was a great success! Access and Discuss the talks!

PUP 2015 was amazing!  With thanks to Drs. Schiavelli, Mucci, and especially Templin for our keynote talks. Wonderful.  Dr. José Bowen prompted much thought in the CE Theater and in his workshop.   There was so much interest.    Don’t let it end there!   Comment on the  “Teaching Naked” talk, please comment on this article.   It can be an amazing discussion.   What was you favorite idea, tip, etc, from the plenary talk?

Didn’t see the talks?  Is OK — not too late:

To see the first day talks, including Dr. Templin’s address and the faculty acknowledgement of his presidency — Power Up Pedagogy 2015

Dr. Bowen’s talk is available on NOVA’s Blackboard site, where it is password protected:  Log into Blackboard, select Faculty and Staff Video Resources, CETL Videos, PUP 2015 Dr Jose Antonio Bowen.  You will not be sorry!    And remember to discuss by commenting on this blog.

Please celebrate the more than 80 colleagues who presented at PUP.  This is the heart of the conference and the feedback has been excellent.  You can certainly use this blog to comment on your presentation as well.   We are very, very fortunate to have so much talent at NOVA and so many colleagues willing to share!

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