See You At the PARADE!


The PUP on Parade Catalogue:

PUP isn’t over!  Because PUP on Parade has begun!

 The PUP 2015 Conference has concluded and we’re all back to our teaching routines.  But that doesn’t mean PUP is over for 2015.  Not at all!

We’ve  identified some of the best PUP presentations from the conference (that wasn’t hard; they were all good) and we’re offering these presentations again on a campus near you!  We’re calling this inaugural event PUP on PARADE!

The Parade has already begun.  But you haven’t missed anything!  There are fourteen presenters who are putting a total of 26 sessions on Parade, so there’s one (or two or three) for you!   Visit to peruse the PUP on Parade Catalog and register for any or all of the sessions on any of the campuses.   The sessions are in alphabetical order by the lead presenter’s last name.  Times and locations of the presentations are in a drop down menu below the description.    Questions?  Contact CETL at

The presenters are giving fully of their time and talent and CETL is very grateful to them so that CETL can offer this amazing opportunity for you.

See you at the Parade!

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