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We, at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, have  identified some of the best presentations from the Power Up Your Pedagogy (PUP) conference (that wasn’t hard; they were all good) .  We are offering these presentations throughout the Spring Semester on a campus near you!

Registration and a catalogue of all of the presentations is available at:  http://goo.gl/I7EAbB

Here’s what’s happening this week (April 6th through April 10th)

Kevin Simon : EdYOUcation: Re-associations into the Learning Experience

Monday, April 6th
Manassas Campus MC 338,  12 to 1:30 PM

Many believe that the student is removed from the learning process in our education system. Many students believe education is a series of mechanical exercises; get good grades an enough exercises and get a diploma. Many instructors believe students feel it is the sole responsibility of the instructor to teach them. If you are interested in discussing ways to put the student back into the learning process this session is for you..


Cynthia Rathjen : An Adventure with OER Materials in Math That Can Benefit You and Your Students

Monday, April 6th
Loudoun Campus LW 312,  12 to 1:30 PM

Online Educational Resources (OERs) have been a focus in recent conferences and are something every instructor should use. There are many options for math faculty, including using cK-12 to create a new textbook or access an existing text. This site contains text for concepts that include videos, simulations, interactive problem, activities, study aids, lesson plans, images, assessments, web links, concept maps and even real world examples. In this session, the presenter will describe how faculty and students can access and benefit from OERs, and what students say about this new adventure.


Sharon Karkehabadi: Using Assessment as a Tool to Improve Student Learning in the Classroom

Wednesday,  April 8th
Alexandria AA 196,  12 to 1:30 PM

Assessment is first and foremost a tool to improve student learning. In this session, presenters will discuss and share practical methods for using assessment as a diagnostic tool for teachers and students. The session will be divided into three sections: 1) Pre-assessment (finding out), 2) Formative assessment (keeping track and checking up); and 3) Summative assessment (making sure). Each section will include a short discussion of the purpose of the assessment category, benefits, and examples of best practice and useful resources for a variety of programs and disciplines. The session will end with applications for program-wide assessment.


Megan Davies: Strategies & Motivators:  Creating a Vision of Inspiration from the Master Teacher Seminar.

Friday,  April 10th
Woodbridge WAS 110,  12:30  to 1:30 PM

The Master Teacher Seminar is an annual event held at Hampden-Sydney College. NOVA generously financed the presenters’ attendance at the seminar in July 2014. This presentation will address the benefits of the seminar, as well as teaching strategies and 5-minute motivators that the presenters were inspired to create as a result of the seminar. Faculty are encouraged to share their own 5-minute motivators to help engage students.


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