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Meet your CETL Faculty Associates!

    CETL Faculty Associates are strong faculty members who are the face of CETL on each campus – they have a high interest in pedagogy and are on each campus to help all faculty.    Your campus CETL Faculty Associates are the face of CETL on YOUR campus – they can answer questions, consult with you, help you in any way you wish!

Stop by and meet them:

Alexandria:               Eddy Arana and Bill Hess
Annandale:               Ritu Kansel
Loudoun:                  Barbara Crain and  Gillian Backus
Manassas:               Dahlia Henry-Tett
Medical Education:  Patty Ottavio
Woodbridge:            Frank Ferrara


Do you want to be a CETL Faculty Associate?   Read on…

CETL is proud to announce an opportunity for NOVA teaching and professional faculty to serve as CETL Associates on each campus.   The CETL Associate Program is an opportunity for strong faculty members to support the NOVA and CETL missions of promoting world-class teaching.

We’re looking for faculty members to serve as knowledgeable allies for excellence in teaching and learning.   You should have a high interest in and an openness to learn about pedagogy and faculty development.  You should enjoy working closely and constructively with other faculty, especially those on your home campus.

As part of the three-year (reviewed and renewed each semester) program, you will become part of a service-oriented CETL Associate Learning Community in which you grow and share your own teaching and mentor other faculty within your own campus community and, less frequently, within the whole college community.

.  You commitment to CETLmay be exemplified  by the following:

The CETL Associate Institute.
CETL provides a one-day training Institute for the CETL Associate Program at the beginning of the fall semester of the Academic Year.  This is an orientation to the program.  Further training is provided throughout your tenure as well as a one-day spring retreat.

 Face-to-Face meetings.
Participate and contribute constructively in biweekly meetings at CETL Center on the Annandale Campus, usually Mondays from 12:30 to 2pm.  In between meetings you will participate in on line or email discussions of relevance to pedagogy, faculty development, or the CETL program.

FLCs are faculty learning communities.  MMCs are mutual mentoring communities, and these are primarily meant for new faculty.  You will lead an FLC/MMC successfully on your home campus.  AS the budget allows, these may be funded and you will be able to choose the time.

Faculty Consultations.
Faculty Consultations are at the heart of CETL services.  In these you meet one on one with instructors who seek this service; you consult with them in their classrooms and with their students.

Take on a yearly project. Projects can be pedagogical in nature or help in making CETL grow.  The project must have a tangible outcome.  Projects can be collaborative in nature and can be oriented around the advocates own interests or a CETL need.

Project examples include the following:  preparing and leading a pedagogical workshop,  forming departmental level communities of practice and developing videos for MERLOT ELIXR, redesigning the CETL web page, leading monthly discussions about movies, reviewing and reevaluating CETL needs assessment.

Teaching and Learning Matters:  Scholarship
Provide reviews and reflections of scholarly articles and post those as blog entry to CETL’s online newsletter:  Teaching and Learning Matters; The CETL Associate.  The articles are on topics of advocate’s choosing/interest.

Lead pedagogical activities on your own campuses typified by a Pass the Book Clubs or Teaching squares.  Also participate in CETL events, including PUP, PUP planning, Adjunct professional days, SuperProf awards ceremonies, etc.

In  return, you are compensated with release time for one course per semester to free enough time to dedicate an average of  6 to 9 clock hours to CETL activities per week.   If you are interested, p lease work with your dean to negotiate reassigned time and duties for the next academic year.  You may also ask for a stipend, but you still must dedicate the hours to CETL.

To Apply:
If you are interested, please discuss this with your academic dean and apply on line:  http://tinyurl.com/facultyadvocate

Other advantages to you may include paid conference traveling, equipment to enhance your teaching skills (e.g. flip cameras, software), and enhanced relationships with colleagues across disciplines and campuses.

For more information about the CETL Associate Program, contact CETL at cetl@nvcc.edu or by phone at  703.764.7386 (x 27386).



Examples of CETL Associate Projects

Workshop Projects

A Faculty Focus Series on Course Design for New and Seasoned Faculty.  Seven separate workshops presented over the course of a semester that taken together will have profound impact on course design.  This was a group workshop.

Designing Valid Multiple Choice Exams.  This very popular component of the faculty focus series was separated out and repeated several other times.  It was done in concert with a librarian.

Planning and conducting Mini-Workshops for Adjunct Faculty.   These workshops were successfully held in the late afternoon hours on the Annandale Campus at a time convenient for adjunct faculty.

Facilitation of a year-long Faculty Learning Community, supported by a VCCS Professional Development Grant:  Is Expecting a Good Work/Life Balance Madness?  Finding Mindfulness to Develop a Reflective Teaching Practice.  12 Faculty and Staff members participated into this successful community and six will continue for another year to continue the work of this community.

Multiple Presentations at the Power up your Pedagogy Conference,   New Horizon’s  Conference and the Conference for Higher Education at Pedagogy (Virginia Tech)

Direct Support of CETL

Maintained the CETL Publications:   Blog and Website and contributions to the Intercom.  Included proposals for website redesign.

Direction of the Faculty Associate Faculty meetings and Faculty Learning Community. This is one of the major benefits of the Faculty Associate Program.   Many pedagogical topics and best practices were researched.

Research Projects

 Using Formative Assessment to Enhance Student Engagement and Success Using CPS clickers in my classroom as a tool for formative assessment.  I will develop data and a workshop highlighting the results of implementing this technique.

Research and Planning for a semester-long workshop on Diversity at NOVA.  The workshop is being scheduled for Fall 2013, pending funding of a supporting grant written by the Faculty Associate.

and many others!

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