CETL’s Lending Library of Books & Technology

CETL has a terrific library!

CETL’s own “GoodReads”  Librarian, Robin Muse,  has compiled a “GoodReads” site for us — This will let you see what’s on our shelves, as well as comment on the books if you wish!.

The use of  GoodReads  is a pilot just now — please comment on your use of it below.

Click here to take a look:

my to-read shelf:
CETL NOVA's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (to-read shelf)

If there’s any that you wish to borrow, just contact CETL at cetl@nvcc.edu or telephone us at 703 764 7386 (2-7386) and we’ll get the book to you.  Better  yet — Stop by the CETL Center.  Its on the Annandale Campus in CG 218.

Clicking on either the title or the book cover in Good Reads will send you to a link to buy the book. Don’t do that! We will lend it to you. If you scroll down, though, that’s the place that lets you read reviews, share the book, look for similar books, see the bookshelves of others for similar titles and so on.

If there’s a title you don’t see, feel free to contact us as well. We’ll try to find it for you.

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