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CETL Participates in the SDV Professional Development Day

Mindy Hemmelman led a fantastic professional development day for Student Devleopment course instructors on May 11th and on May 14th.   CELT was privileged to be part of it, leading an hour-long discussion on Effective Teaching Techniques.     If you want to see some of the materials that CETL used for that, here they are:

The  PREZI used for the CETL presentation  can be found at this URL:  http://prezi.com/vpewz9eju_ka/sdv-conference-may-11-14-2012-effective-teaching-techniques-and-student-engagement/

The Achieving the Dream Wiki  http://www.atdtech.wikispaces.com

Achieving the Dream maintains a wiki with an amazing amount of information on it that includes numerous tips about student engagement!  Really well done.  Hope you’ll take a good look at it.

Handouts with the following titles were used at the presentation.  If you want a copy of any one of them, please contact CETL.

  • The Ten Worst Teaching Mistakes
  • Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education
  • “The Change – Up in Lectures

Any questions about effective teaching techniques — add them as a reply below.  Want to discuss any of them — add them as a reply below!