Essay Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who submitted essays and congratulations to our winners!

First Place

Tsepo Natasha Watae: Suspended Animation

Second Place

Bayley Narvid: Build-A-Baby

Third Place

Subin Kim: Influence of Human-Computer Interaction on Technology

Honorable Mention

Diego Espinoza: Defining Causality: The Roots of the Next Advancements in Physics

Meet the winners!

Tsepo Natasha Watae

My name is Tsepo Natasha Watae. I am originally from Zambia. I attended middle and high school in South Africa at Kingswood College before moving to the United States in the eleventh grade, where I went to Oakton High School. I have been at NOVA for two years and will be graduating this May. I am currently majoring in Liberal Arts with a specialization in International Studies. I intend to transfer to a four-year university where I will major in International Relations. My long-term career goal is to join the Diplomatic Services or the International Law sector.

Bayley Narvid

Bayley Narvid is currently pursuing her Bachelors in Political Science and will be transferring to Virginia Tech in the Fall of 2022. After completing her bachelor’s degree, she plans on studying law and pursuing a career in criminal law. When Bayley isn’t busy studying, she is most likely spending time with friends and family or enjoying any number of outdoor activities.


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