Students Spend Final Days of Course Applying Communication Skills to Mock Interview Scenarios

Professor Khadijah Ali-Coleman loves it when students in her CST 110 Intro to Communication Studies apply what they’ve learned in the course to real-life scenarios successfully.

This semester, Ali-Coleman brought in speakers to reinforce the fact that skills learned in her CST 110 course are useful for almost any industry her students may choose for their career. For instance, television show host Tariiq Omari Walton of the CTV television show “Views & Vibes” came in to visit her class. Walton, a television host and owner of Infinite Possibilities Entertainment, LLC engaged students in a series of mock interview scenarios for students to apply their skills learned over the semester in interpersonal communication and impromptu speaking. Students gave and received feedback regarding best practices when interviewing for a job and some received individualized feedback from Mr. Walton about what specific things employers look for during an interview.

“Most of the students taking CST 110 take it because it’s required for their major,” she says. “I’m always thinking of new ways to get them to understand that having strong communication skills is a necessity in today’s world for just about everyone. No one has the option today to be a poor communicator.”

Image of CST 110 Student Hiba with Guest Speaker Tariq Omari Walton
CST 110 Student Hiba with Guest Speaker Tariq Omari Walton

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