Compliance and Risk Management Website

NOVA has a new unit, the Office of Compliance and Risk Management. Working with Web Services & Digital Media, the Office of Compliance and Risk Management has completed its website. Be sure to check it out.

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Compliance and Risk Management Department Charter

The Director of Compliance appeared before Administrative Council to distribute and explain the Charter, the mission of which is to provide guidance and a systematic approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, internal control and governance processes. The office of Compliance and Risk Management reports functionally to the Compliance and Risk Management Committee and administratively to the President.

The Compliance Director’s responsibilities include developing and implementing annual audit plans, facilitating the identification and evaluation of risks, evaluating the internal control system, the means of safeguarding assets, the effectiveness and efficiency of internal controls, and ensuring operations are performing correctly. The Director reviews and investigates suspected fraudulent activities within the College and performs audit and advisory services related to governance, risk management and controls as appropriate.

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