Spring 2017 SDV 298 PLACE course!

Spring 2017 PLACE (SDV 298) course

Feb. 13th – May 7th

The process of developing an e-portfolio helps adult learners explore the following:

  • Create professional e-portfolios to submit for evaluation for college credit
  • Reflect on your life history and evaluate your learning experiences
  • Articulate the college-level learning gained from your work and life experiences
  • Develop and/or refine short and long term career, personal, and educational goals.

Contact PLACE instructor Kelly Patton at kpatton@nvcc.edu for more information and to register for the course.


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PLACE Course Information

PLACE Portfolio Development Course (SDV 298)

       SDV 298 is a one-credit course for adults who have gained college-level learning through work, volunteer activities, civic and community assignments, travel, independent study, and other experiential learning. In this course students develop a portfolio that demonstrates skills and knowledge gained through experiential learning which aligns with specific NOVA courses. Each portfolio is evaluated for credit by a NOVA faculty member who teaches the course being challenged. Students must create a portfolio for each course they wish to challenge.

7 Components of the e-Portfolio

1. Cover Letter – request to faculty evaluator to challenge a specific course

2. Chronological Record – list of main events in student’s life since high school

3. Life History Paper – reflection and evaluation of life stages

4. Goals Paper – states one, five, and 10-year personal and professional goals

5. Narrative of Competencies – explanation of learning

6. Copy of the Course Content Summary –  taken from http://www.nvcc.edu/disciplines/default.aspx

7. Documentation – evidence supporting learning statements  ( letters of verification, job descriptions, performance evaluations, pictures, audio/video tapes, samples of work produced, computer programs written, etc.)

PLACE Quick Facts

  • Can challenge up to 15 degree credits or 10 certificate credits for eligible NOVA programs
  • Student pays $175.00 evaluation fee for each portfolio submitted
  • SDV 298 counts toward NOVA residency requirement, portfolio credits do not
  • Heavy writing focus, recommended co-requisite / prerequisite is ENG 111
  • Successful completion of SDV 298 does not guarantee credits for portfolio challenges
  • Need to check with four-year institutions for transferability of credits earned through portfolio challenge
  • PLACE course available online through ELI.

Contact NOVA’s Credit for Prior Learning Office: pla@nvcc.edu / 703-425-5835


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Save time and money with Credit for Prior Learning!

If you are an adult student who has gained college-level learning from significant life and work experiences, you may be eligible to earn college credit for that learning. Review NOVA’s credit for prior learning assessment opportunities below to see if any of these might work for you.

1. Transfer credit – Have you taken a course anywhere else that would meet NOVA’s degree requirements? Have you had your transcripts evaluated by NOVA?

2. Certifications, training, or military experience recognized by the college, ACE (American Council on Education), or NCCRS (National College Credit Recommendation Service) – Are you trained or certified in an area which the college might accept for credit? Some trainings and certifications have been evaluated and granted college credit by NOVA, ACE, and NCCRS. Visit these websites below and the Credit for Prior Learning Manual on the NOVA CPL page to view the eligible credentials.

Evaluated Military Training
NOVA Evaluated – CPL Manual
ACE Evaluated – http://www.acenet.edu/militaryguide

Evaluated Workplace Training
ACE Evaluated – www2.acenet.edu/credit
NCCRS Evaluated – http://www.nationalccrs.org

3. Credit by examination – Do you know enough in a certain subject area to sit down and take a multiple-choice CLEP, DSST, or NOVA ABLE exam for a given course? View the eligible exams in the Credit for Prior Learning Manual on the NOVA CPL page.

Visit the CLEP and DSST websites for study guides, practice exams, and overviews of each of the examinations.

4. PLACE – Do you have the kind of experiences that demonstrate college-level learning of a given topic? Do you feel your experience is sufficient to challenge multiple courses with PLACE portfolios?

Questions? Please call 703-425-5835 or email pla@nvcc.edu.


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