Dr. David D. Blackwell

Adjunct Faculty, Physics

Northern Virginia Community College
Alexandria Campus
3001 North Beauregard St.
Alexandria, VA 22311

The two things you need to know to become good at solving physics problems are:

  1.  Where to look things up.
  2. When you’ve made a mistake.

When you can spot other people’s mistakes, you’re on your way to being an expert. What I hope students take away from this class is not a memorization of formulas, but a methodology of breaking down problems into manageable pieces. What am I being asked for? What do I already know and what do I need to look up? What is my plan? How can I check if I’m making any mistakes? Developing that kind of thought process has incredible utility and creates the confidence to tackle all kinds of technical problems.



10+ years teaching experience at NOVA
15+ years experience as research physicist in
plasma physics


BSEE, Polytechnic University of New York

Courses Taught

Physics 201
Physics 201 Lab

Physics 202
Physics 202 Lab


Physics 201

Physics 202