Resources for Learning Chinese

Recommended websites for learning Chinese Language and Culture

Composed by Dr. Dali Tan

 Fundamentals of the Chinese characters:   (complete materials available)

Animation for character introduction:

Site for a variety of learning Chinese Resources:

  Learn and remember Chinese characters:
Chinese characters animation (all the characters from Integrated Chinese (good to use to practice your stroke orders)

A good site to practice and improve your Chinese reading.  Reading materials are divided into different levels with a variety of exercises.

Signs in China

Dictionaries online Chinese tools – simplified and traditional

News Media

  2. (San Francisco Chinese TV station)
  3. – Taiwan TV
  4. –links for Chinese resources

Watch a Foreigner speaks Chinese:

Watch Native Speakers speak Chinese:

A Good Chinese Grammar site:

Chinese Unmasked: Grammatical Principles and Applications

The link is

Chinese language and Culture

  1. (中国桥网) – news in Chinese
  2. – reading, vocabulary, news, dictionary, history, FAQ
  3.– online Chinese tools
  4.  – Read Chinese/contents/learn/strategies..
  5. – in English on China’s history, contemporary Chinese life…
  6.  (1000 photos of street signs in Beijing)
  7. – resources for Chinese culture in English
  8.– for children in Taiwan
  9. – Chinese culture from Taiwan
  10.  – create classroom games and activities
  11. (Chinese teaching and learning starting kit)
  12. – interactive website
  13.  – to create nit templates. Great website for creating projects – a guide on the procedures on how to make a project for students
  14. – short essays on topics on life in today’s china
  15. – downloads for podcasting