Peter Tharp’s 29 years of support to NOVA


Peter Tharp (left) at the Educational Foundation 19th Annual Recognition Dinner

Have you ever donated money to a charity or nonprofit before? How were you encouraged to give you first gift? Peter Tharp, an IT Manager at NOVA, gave because someone asked him. Peter, a 29 year employee here, decided to give his first gift when talking to his a friend, Anne Storch, who worked for the Educational Foundation, was telling him how she missed her fundraising goal by $300. She was not looking for a donation, but just talking to a colleague. Peter has always been a strong supporter of education and wanting people to have the opportunity to get an education decided to donate $300 to the Foundation unrestricted account.

Since then, he has been an annual donor to the Educational Foundation participating in the Payroll Deduction Campaign. This has allowed Peter to make a donation and not even think about it. Each month, an amount of the donor’s choosing, is deducted prior to their paycheck being disbursed. The amount of money is then deposited in the campaign or scholarship of the donor’s choosing. Peter took this opportunity to establish a scholarship for his friend, a nurse. The scholarship is for nursing students and he thought this was an appropriate way to honor a nice person who was always wanting to help others, and, and felt strongly about educating nursing students.  He also supports the the unrestricted fund of the Educational Foundation.

“I want to put my money into a worthy cause, which is to help people get educated.”

Peter has been a loyal donor to the Educational Foundation. And it is easy to get started. To learn more about the Payroll Deduction Campaign visit: