Experiencing a Good Day in Class and at Work

nullA survey conducted by Red Balloon for Corporate revealed that praise is the number one element employees desire to experience a good day at work! Although the survey was directed at professionals in the workplace, the outcomes can also be applied to the elements of a good day/experience in college.

Who can argue ‘praise’ as the number one element of experiencing a good day at work or college? Praise serves to motivate and encourage! Who does not love to get back an assignment with a comment stating, ‘excellent work’ or ‘you have an excellent understanding of the material we’ve been covering’? Likewise, we also feel proud and motivated when our supervisor provides praise for a job well done!

The survey went on to suggest ‘better managers’ as the number two element of experiencing a good day at work. Who wouldn’t want a supervisor that provides accolades and takes time to explain our role and consistently expresses appreciation? As a student, you may be able to parallel the role of a supervisor to the role of your professor. When we have a caring professor that provides plenty of praise and encouragement and takes time to ensure that new concepts and theories are clearly understood, we are motivated and inspired to study and do our best. Alternatively, if you have a professor or supervisor that promotes a culture of criticism, fails to provide direction and does not recognize your efforts and contributions, you will feel frustrated and may become apathetic in your class or job.

The number three element identifies, ‘more time with friends and family’ as important to workplace happiness and avoiding burnout. As employees and students, we all appreciate flexibility and opportunities to attend to family and friends. Likewise, if an emergency arises, we appreciate having a professor or supervisor that will be sensitive to our needs when emergency situations require our time. (To that end, as employees and students, we also have a role in staying on top of assignments and work deadlines so that when a need arises, we are prepared.)

Lastly, ‘greater trust’ is recognized as an important element to a good work experience. As a student, trust is also an extremely important factor to experiencing success and happiness. Recognizing that our instructor trusts our opinions and contributions also builds confidence and respect.

Do you experience these elements in your class? As we see the parallel, we can begin to appreciate how college can prepare us with experiences to transition from life as a student to the life of a professional. Along with theories and content, life lessons can be learned in the classroom. When a professor (or supervisor) fails to promote the elements referenced in this survey; you must believe in yourself and make the best of your environment so that you can bloom where you are planted! When you do experience these elements, learn from them and begin to live them out to encourage others!

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ELI Students Recognized At SEAL Awards


(Pictured above: (Left) Alexandra Willey, (Center) Amanda Morley, ELI Student Life Specialist, (Right) Amber Mooney) 


On Thursday, March 27, 2014, NOVA hosted its 42nd annual Student Awards banquet. This banquet hosted by Student Life recognizes the many student leaders on NOVA’s campuses and their contributions in leadership. These students were recognized with a NOVA SEAL award. The SEAL award honors the many talents and contributions of our diverse community of scholars. Students are recognized who best exemplify the qualities of Service, Engagement, Academics, and Leadership. This includes community service involvement, college club or organizational participation, outstanding academic achievement and campus or community leadership.

This year, two of our ELI students, Alexandra Willey and Amber Mooney were recipients of this award. Both students have shown outstanding leadership through their online engagement outside the classroom and in their community. We congratulate them for their outstanding involvement.

If you want to learn more about getting involved with Student Life at NOVA and ELI, contact elistulife@nvcc.edu.

NOVA’s First Annual Take Back The Night

NOVA is hosting their first Take Back The Night event on the Loudoun Campus on April Tuesday, 22nd @ 6pm.  Below is some history about this event.

take_back_the_night“The Take Back The Night Foundation serves to create safe communities and respectful relationships through awareness events and initiatives. They seek to end sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual abuse and all other forms of sexual violence.

One of the first “Take Back the Night” marches was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in October 1975, after the murder of a microbiologist, Susan Alexander Speeth, who was stabbed to death while walking home alone.“Take Back the Night” was used as the title of a 1977 memorial read by Anne Pride at an anti-violence rally in Pittsburgh.

Since the 1970s in the United States, Take Back The Night has focused on eliminating sexual violence, in all forms, and thousands of colleges, universities, women’s centers, and rape crisis centers have sponsored events all over the country.”

For more information on this event, contact Negar Ehsani, Sexual Assault Services (SAS) Coordinator at nova.sas@nvcc.edu or           703-338-0834

Financial Literacy: Understanding Your Paycheck

Ever wonder how much you actually take home from your paycheck? April is National Financial Literacy month. Over the next three weeks, we will pick a few financial literacy topics to discuss on the ELIfe blog. Today’s topic is Understanding your Paycheck and we are sharing some ideas to help you understand your paycheck from Project Life.

Do you know how much you pay in Federal taxes? State Taxes? Do you know how much you actually take home from your paycheck?

This Independent Living Skills Module shows sample checks and breaks down the different deductions to help you understand your paycheck.

VFCCE Scholoarship Opportunity

The Virginia Community College System offers several great scholarships for students throughout the state.

Each year the Virginia Foundation for Community College Education (VFCCE) recognizes outstanding students of all ages and backgrounds through its statewide scholarship program. The application period for the 2014-2015 school year is now open.

Check out the link below to learn more about the VFCCE scholarship, as well as several other opportunities! Deadlines are approaching quickly!


VFCCE scholarship information is also posted on the Virginia Education Wizard.

Virtual Career Fair

Register to participate in a virtual career exploration day with employers on April 17th.

Seeking talented students with disabilities.
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Learn about internship and full time opportunities in the
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•     Information Technology
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•     Business Management…and Others!

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*This program was developed in partnership with the National Youth Transitions Center and the Youth Transitions Collaborative. To learn more about the Center and Collaborative, please visit: www.thenytc.org

Click on the logos below for more information about the sponsoring organizations.

Virtual Career FairVirtual Career Fair

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