NOVA Alert

When was the last time you logged into NOVA Alert? At the beginning of the semester? Years ago? Never?

To receive NOVA Alerts, you must register for them! This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised of the number of students (and faculty/staff too) who show up to campus long after a NOVA Alert was sent closing a campus or entire College.

At the beginning of every semester, take a few minutes to follow the following three steps that will help ensure you receive alerts when timely and accurate information is vital.

  1. Log into with your MyNOVA account.
  2. Ensure your contact information is complete and accurate.
    • Note: By default you already have your NOVA email added to your account, but the College strongly recommends you add your personal cell phone and personal email address to ensure you receive alerts. You can even add a family member’s number/email as well!
  3. Test your ability to receive alerts by clicking the “Test” button next to each contact number and email address. This will ensure NOVA’s alert system can send you an alert.

Remember to keep your phone on and with you while on campus or in a classroom. Also, visit to learn about other methods alerts may be sent.