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Preparedness events on September 24th and 25th

September is National Preparedness Month and NOVA’s Office of Emergency Management wants YOU to be prepared for an emergency!

Join us as the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) partners with local and state agencies as well as College vendors to show our students, faculty and staff how to prepare for an emergency. Pizza and Coca-Cola products will be served and there will be music and fun all while OEM provides you with information on the importance of being prepared and informed before, during and after emergencies and how to put together a preparedness kit.

September 24 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Annandale Campus, Upper Plaza – and – September 25 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Loudoun Campus, Outside the LC Building.

Confirmed Partners Include:

Barnes & Noble College •Blair Dance Studio •Coca-Cola • Makeup artist Lisa Jett • Fairfax County’s CERT Moulage Team

Fairfax County: Emergency Response Team •Health Department• Office of Emergency Management

Loudoun County: Animal Services • Fire and Rescue Department • Office of Emergency Management

Virginia: Department of Emergency Management • Department of Fire Programs • State Police



Sign up for NOVA Alert to make sure you get emergency notices

As I was driving past the Annandale campus this morning on my way to our office, I noticed a dozen or so cars turning in.  Normally I would not have thought anything of it except that I received a NOVA Alert text this morning at 5:00 a.m. stating that the campus was closed for the day due to a water main break.  It dawned on me that most of the people turning in have not signed up for NOVA Alert or else they would have been tucked away in bed still.

Signing up for NOVA Alert is EASY and very useful!  Not only will you get a text if the College (or your campus) is closed due to something like a water main break, an electrical outage, or inclement weather but, most importantly, you will get a text when an emergency occurs giving you vital information on what you should know or do.  It is free to sign  up for NOVA Alert (although some wireless carriers may charge to receive the text messages).

You can find more information as well as sign up for NOVA Alert here.

UPDATED – Change to faculty and staff closing procedure due to inclement weather

In the Fall of 2013, the College adopted a new closing procedure for faculty and staff.  If the College closes early due to inclement weather, faculty and staff will be requested to leave 30 minutes after the time students will be dismissed.  This will help to facilitate an orderly departure from the buildings and campuses.

An example of a message that may go out would be:  “NOVA is closing early today due to inclement weather.  Students will be dismissed at 1:30 pm and faculty and staff will be dismissed at 2pm.”

For more information on NOVA’s closing information including where to go to find out if the College is closed or delayed, click here.

October 17th at 10:17 AM – The Great SouthEast ShakeOut Earthquake Drill

On Thursday, October 17th at 10:17 AM, NOVA will participate in The Great SouthEast ShakeOut regional earthquake drill.

What do I do?

An announcement will be made at 10:17 AM using the intercom telephone system to start the drill.  Once the announcement is made, you should DROP, COVER, and HOLD ON!

The Timeline will be as follows:

10:17   An announcement will be made that the drill is starting. “This is the start of the Regional Earthquake drill, please drop, cover, and hold on!”  At this time, you should drop to the ground, take cover under a table or sturdy desk, and hold on to it until the shaking stops.

10:22   An announcement will be made that the earthquake is over.  “The earthquake is over, please evacuate your buildings.”  At this time, evacuate the building and report to your assembly point.  *Persons with disabilities should seek assistance in evacuations.

10:35   No announcement will be made, but the drill has officially concluded.  You should re-enter your building and go back to your office or continue class as scheduled.

Note* Mobility Challenged Individuals are encouraged to do the following:

If you’re in a wheelchair: Lock your wheels and remain seated until the shaking stops.  Always protect your head and neck with your arms, a pillow, book, or whatever may be available.

  • Practice your Individual emergency evacuation plan during the evacuation phase of this drill.
  • Relocate to an Area of Assistance (if you are on a floor that does not exit directly outdoors) and wait there until the drill is complete.
  • Please refer to the Emergency Action Plan for more information

Mark Your Calendar for the the Great SouthEast ShakeOut on 10/17

It is time again for the Great SouthEast ShakeOut!  We had tremendous success during last year’s ShakeOut and NOVA will once again be joing hundres of colleges and universities across the country to do it again. 

This year’s ShakeOut will take place on October 17th at 10:17 AM.  Just like last year, you will be asked to:

  • Drop to the ground.
  • Take Cover by getting under a desk or table.
  • Hold On until the ground stops shaking (or in our case, until the rumbling sounds stop)

We will post more information in the next couple of weeks on our blog about what you can expect and when but, in the meantime, you can find out more information at The Great SouthEast ShakeOut’s website.