Hurricane Season Starts June 1st

Hurricane Basics

Warnings and Advisories
Know the difference between “watches” and “warnings.”

Hurricane Warnings and Advisories

Tropical Storm Watch
A tropical storm watch is issued when tropical storm conditions, including winds from 39 to 73
mph, pose a possible threat to a specified area within 48 hours.

Tropical Storm Warning
A tropical storm warning is issued when tropical storm conditions are expected to affect a specified area within 36 hours or less.

Hurricane Watch

A hurricane watch is issued for a specified area when hurricane conditions, including sustained winds of 74 mph or greater, are possible within 48 hours.

Hurricane Warning
A hurricane warning is issued for a specified area when hurricane conditions are expected within 36 hours. In coastal or near-coastal areas, a hurricane warning can remain in effect when dangerously high water, or a combination of dangerously high water and exceptionally high waves, continues, even though the winds may have subsided below hurricane intensity.

Evacuation Order
The most important instruction you will receive. If issued, leave immediately

Who do I contact at NOVA if I think I have the Flu!!

The Flu Season is in full swing and the H1N1 strain is moving throuought the nation at a rapid pace. The chances of being infected are high, but are lower if you continue to wash your hands, cover your mouth, and stay at home if your become ill.

STUDENTS- Email or Call your Instructor and let them know you are ill and provide as much information as possiable i. e. when symptoms began, if others around you are ill etc…

EMPLOYEES -Notify your supervisor and Human Resources. Provide as much information as possiable. Human Resources can be reached @ 703-323-3110

For more information please visit The Centers for Disease Control