Stressed About Your Finances? Financial Supports/Services at NOVA

If you are a  college student and worried about your finances, you’re not alone! A national study conducted by Ohio State University found that 70% of college students were stressed about their finances.

NOVA and the Pathways programs are working to find ways to support students through financial difficulties, so they can stay in school and be successful.

Highlighted services and resources:

Tax Preparation Assistance: Haven’t filled your taxes yet? It’s  not too late to get help! NOVA is offering free tax preparation workshops through April 10th. Learn more here –

Free Financial Coaching: Financial coaching can cost $50-$250 dollars per hour. NOVA offers its students access to an Accredited Financial Counselor who holds an M.S. in Personal Financial Planning for free!  You can contact our coach, Diana Yacob, at 703-228-7488 or

Campus Food Pantries: Did you know there was a food pantry on each of NOVA’s six campuses? The pantries provide food and basic necessities to NOVA students at no cost.


Supplemental Financial Aid: Federal Financial Aid alone may not be enough to sustain some students while they pursue their college credential. If that is the case, students can  look into whether they are eligible for other financial support programs like Child Care Assistance and Supplementary Nutrition Assistance. NOVA has two specially trained staff members to assist students one-on-one with filling out Virginia’s CommonHelp application.

Pathway Students Only:                                                                                 Jeannette Bilgera or 703-933-8062                        All NOVA Students:                                                                                              Rachelle Thompson or 703-503-6240

Student Emergency Grant: NOVA’s Working Students Success Network offers an emergency grant for NOVA students facing financial emergencies that endanger their ability to stay enrolled. To learn more go to

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