NVCC – Student Art Exhibition

Apple of My Eye Painting by Kevinin Conlon v2 Houston Black & White by Larry Ridley v2Exhibition Judge:  Dr. Tebow

Reflection on the Exhibition by Dr. Betsy Tebow

I enjoyed returning to NOVA to select prizes for the annual student art show.  It has always been such an important campus event, providing students with the opportunity to present their work in a gallery setting and offering the campus community the pleasure of seeing interesting art. This year’s show has a wide range of imagery and forms.  I was especially struck by the rich color of the computer graphics and innovative techniques of some of the drawings, especially the very effective chiaroscuro portrait image made with fingerprints in the manner of Chuck Close and the use of photographic reproductions of drawn landscapes.  While the ceramics exemplified the elegance of traditional forms enlivened by rich glazes, the sculpture tended toward more conceptual inspiration. I enjoyed the exploration of content as well as light in the photographs, and was amused by the return to pop and funk art in the paintings.  Abstraction was mostly limited to the 2- and 3-D design pieces, a logical outgrowth of the category, and enlivened by a nice use of texture and color.

Singling out works to be awarded prizes is always a challenge and very subjective.  All of the students who are participating in the show deserve kudos, and the art faculty who guided and encouraged them, our thanks and admiration.


Exhibition Dates:  March 28, 2014 through April 24, 2014

Exhibition Reception:  Thursday, April 10th, 2014 from 3 – 5 PM

A Woman Drawing by Jihyun Lim v2


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