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CashContest – You Could Win Up To $1,000

Eight $500 awards and one $1,000 award (for the final comprehensive drawing) will be offered to randomly selected students who successfully complete Inceptia’s Financial Avenue courses online by the deadlines indicated below.  These awards can be used towards educational costs at NOVA.  Courses only take about 45 minutes to complete and provide students with knowledge of key personal finance concepts and a customized action plan based on their financial goals.

Instructions to Access the Courses:

  • Sign Up for Financial Avenue at by entering NOVA’s access code: FinLit
  • Provide your NOVA student email address (ending in during the registration process and provide your 7-digit NOVA student ID# when creating your new student account.
  • Log in to Financial Avenue as a student at using the username and password you created in the step above.
  • Under “Courses” on the left side of the webpage select the course you would like to complete.  Follow the prompts until you complete the course.

Official CashContest Rules:

To be entered in the drawings, you should do the following:

  • Complete the course with an average score of at least 70% by the deadline shown below to be entered into the CashContest drawings for that course.

–  The “College and Money” course must be completed before 11:59pm on October 13, 2019.

–  The “FAFSA” course must be completed before 11:59pm on December 13, 2019.

–  The “Loan Guidance” course must be completed before 11:59pm on March 8, 2020.

–  The “Debt and Repayment” course must be completed before 11:59pm on May 1, 2020.

–  Complete ALL FOUR courses listed above before 11:59pm on May 1, 2020 to be entered in the FINAL COMPREHENSIVE DRAWING.

  • You must be pursuing a degree or certificate at NOVA.
  • Enroll or successfully complete (with a letter grade of A, B, C, or D) at least six credits required for your program of study during the semester the drawings take place and/or the semester an award is applied.
  • For the “College and Money” and/or the “FAFSA” drawings, you must be attending or have successfully completed at least six credits required for your program during FALL 2019. These four $500 awards will be applied toward Fall 2019.
  • For the “Loan Guidance” and/or “Debt Repayment” drawings you must be attending or have successfully completed at least six credits required for your program during SPRING 2020. These four $500 awards will be applied toward Spring 2020.
  • For the Final Comprehensive Drawing you must successfully complete at least six credits required for your program during SPRING 2020 and attend at least six required credits past the census date for SUMMER 2020 or FALL 2020. This $1,000 award will be applied toward Summer 2020 or Fall 2020 and will not disburse to the student’s account until the student has attended at least six credits past the applicable session census date for Summer 2020 or Fall 2020.

Please note that if a student does not meet the requirements outlined above, an award will not be offered and/or disbursed.


There will be two $500 drawings for each of the four courses shortly after the due date to randomly select students who meet the requirements outlined above.  There will also be a final comprehensive drawing to select one $1,000 winner who successfully completed all four courses before May 1, 2020 who meets the aforementioned requirements.  Selected winners will be notified via their NOVA student email account. If an award is applied to a student’s NOVA account and if the student has a $0 balance at that time, then it will create a credit balance that is refunded in accordance with the College’s refund policies after attendance has been verified. Students may set up their refund preferences at  Over-awards created by the additional award, though unlikely, would be resolved in the best interest of the student.

Students are permitted to retake course quizzes and even an entire course, if necessary, to improve their average course score to at least 70% in order to be entered into the drawings. However, students will not receive multiple drawing entries for successfully completing a particular course more than once. This contest is open to all NOVA students who meet the requirements outlined above.  However, please note that NOVA faculty and staff who happen to be taking classes at NOVA are not eligible for the drawings.  Odds of winning an award will depend on how many students successfully complete each course. NOVA reserves the right to modify the CashContest at any time.

If you have any questions about the CashContest or the drawings, please contact the 24-Hour Student Support Center at 1-855-323-3199.


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