NOVA Financial Aid Improves Verification Process

NOVA Financial Aid has contracted with Financial Aid Services (FAS) to help you, and your family, complete the verification process, if required after filing your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The U.S. Department of Education Central Processing System (CPS), or the school, selects applications for verification. Because students sometimes make errors when completing the FAFSA, or verification documents, this can become a tedious process and sometimes leads to delays in processing financial aid awards.
FAS will be assisting selected NOVA students with verification through an online interview process. The verification interview process will walk you and your family through a series of questions to assist you in providing the needed information to complete verification. Once you have completed the process, FAS will then make any required corections and forward to NOVA for processing.
It is important to remember, the “To Do List” in your MyNOVA account and the new Financial Aid Dashboard will be your primary sources of information for what you need to provide to process your application. Links to all required items will show on your Financial Aid Dashboard. Within the Dashboard, if selected for verification, you will be directed to the FAS Verification website at You will be able to track what is needed and can complete most of this verification work on the FAS website. Please watch for e-mails from and respond as quickly as you can. Your prompt response to all requests will accelerate the review of your request for financial aid for 2014-2015.
NOVA Financial Aid may be requesting other documents from you, and you must submit those documents directly to the Financial Aid Office via fax, online or in person at your campus financial aid office. The FAS verification interview will not be open to you until NOVA has received and accepted documents due directly to NOVA. When accepted, they will no longer show on your To Do List or within the Financial Aid Dashboard.
The verification interview process will reduce the amount of time it will take for students to complete the verification process as well as reduce the number of errors and/or rejected documents. NOVA financial aid is excited to be providing this service, and we are committed to assisting our students in funding their educations.
If you have additional questions or concerns, contact our Financial Aid Support Center at 1-855-323-3199, or stop by your campus financial aid office.

GREENBACK Newsletter (December_2013)

Check out the latest issue of ‘The Financial Aid Greenback,’ our quarterly Financial Aid newsletter. This issue we give you additional information on NOVA’s new Verification Interview process, the 150% loan eligibility guidelines, the new Financial Aid Dashboard with E-Forms and spring book purchase information. This newsletter is designed to help students and staff members stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest in the world of financial aid.

Financial Aid Transitions to E-Forms

Starting with the 2014-2015 financial aid award year, NOVA Financial Aid will begin its transition to the use of online forms (E-Forms). These forms will be available via the NOVA Financial Aid Dashboard website and will be directly linked to a student’s MyNOVA “To Do List’ log-in and electronic signatures will be used. The addition of E-Forms will greatly increase the financial aid office’s ability to process FAFSA applications.
Online forms will be presented to students via the Financial Aid Dashboard which will be accessed via the NOVA website and a secure log-in. Once students have logged into the dashboard, they will access their required documents – “To Do List” – as seen in MyNova; forms will be directly linked to E-Form versions, and students will then have the option to complete and submit them via the dashboard. For those forms that are not in the E-form format, students will access the College Forms Library for normal download, completion, and submission.
The most noticeable change will be to the financial aid forms page. This page will now serve as the entry page to the Financial Aid Dashboard, where students can log in and view, complete, and submit requested financial aid forms. In addition, this page will also host video tutorials on how to access and use this system.
Please continue to check the financial aid page of the NOVA website and your NOVA e-mail for updates as this process moves forward. While this change may be a bit unsettling in the beginning, bear in mind that this will greatly improve the financial aid application process and reduce the time it takes for students to view and accept their financial aid awards.