Loss of Subsidy on Subsidized Stafford Loans

Approximately 6,000 students nationwide who borrowed subsidized Stafford loans for the first time after July 1, 2013 should expect to hear from their loan servicers very soon because they have not completed their degree or certificate after attending college for over 150% of the published length of their program.  These students will start accruing interest on their subsidized Stafford loans and in some cases the subsidy loss will be applied retroactively which could increase their monthly loan payment if they have already begun repayment.  Information about the 150% subsidized loan limit is available here and additional details about the subsidy loss that is occurring this week can be found here.  Students should contact their loan servicers if they have any questions about this.  Students may view their loan histories and look up contact information for their loan servicers by logging into the “My Federal Student Aid” portal at www.studentaid.ed.gov.”

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