The New Message Center

The Student Information System (SIS) within MyNOVA has a new feature to increase communications between students and the College Financial Aid Office (CFAO). The “Message Center” allows the financial aid office to provide direct communications to financial aid applicants. These messages will range from updates on the application processing cycle to important actions students need to take to keep their applications moving.
Accessing the Message Center is quite simple. Within the SIS, use the following Navigation: Main Menu > Self Service> Student Center > Click on the Message Center hyperlink (in the Student Communication Center). Once you have accessed the Message Center, you will be able to view received messages which can be read via hyperlink. Students will have the ability to archive old messages, yet still have the ability to access archived messages at a later date as well.
The College Financial Aid Office will be using the message center to give students increased awareness of the financial aid application process and other important information. Messages are pertinent for the student and applicable to the student’s financial aid application. Be sure to log in and access the message center today. For additional information and screenshots, click here. – Message Center – Student View

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