April is National Financial Literacy Month

April is National Financial Literacy Month which means it’s a great time to review your finances and develop a plan for managing your money.  Some excellent resources are available on NOVA’s Financial Literacy Blog.

You may wish to review the Money Management for College Students presentation, request a free copy of your credit report at www.annualcreditreport.com, and set up a budget and savings plan.  You could also enter NOVA’s CashCourse Contest for a chance to win $100 while learning about managing your finances.

If you haven’t already done so, remember to reapply for financial aid by completing the 16-17 FAFSA at www.fafsa.gov and submitting any items that may be requested on your NOVAConnect To Do List before the May 1, 2016 priority filing date for fall 2016.

If you’ve borrowed student loans we also encourage you to utilize NOVA’s Loan Planning Form to review your loan history, determine the impact of additional borrowing, and start planning for loan repayment.