Tutorials to assist students through the Financial Aid Course Audit (FACA) process

The following tutorials will assist students with navigating the Financial Aid Course Audit (FACA) process. Please review as needed.

What you should do: Please run your advisement report, accessible from your Student Center on MyNOVA, to determine which classes are still required to complete your program. See your academic advisor, if necessary, and enroll in required coursework. Financial aid will be awarded on eligible courses only.

  • Be proactive. Discuss your academic and career goals with your advisor.  Make sure that you are enrolled in the program that best aligns with these goals.
  • Register for courses that apply to the program(s) you have chosen to maximize your award and achieve your goals sooner.
  • If you register for an ineligible course and wish to take it despite not having financial aid awarded for the course, pay for it by the payment deadline to prevent it from getting dropped for non-payment You can make the payment for the financial aid ineligible course only by visiting the business office at your campus. Payment cannot be made on-line.
  • Contact the Financial Aid Support Center at (855) 323-3199 or visit your Campus Financial Aid Office if you have any questions about your eligibility.

Our hope is that by providing you this information in advance, you will be able to better plan your academic career, select courses that apply to your program, and complete your degree or certificate in a timely fashion. Remember: Financial aid will be awarded on eligible courses only.  If you choose to take ineligible courses, you must go to a campus business office and pay for those courses.