Bookstore Purchases via Financial Aid

Beginning Monday, August 7, 2017, students with enough financial aid to cover tuition and fees plus books may use their approved financial aid awards to purchase books and supplies or rent books for the fall 2017 term at any campus bookstore. The last date to use financial aid for the first book purchase period is Thursday, September 7, 2017 A second book purchase period opens for the second 8-week session for those students who still have anticipated aid remaining.

Students who wish to make their book purchases online must complete and electronically sign the 2017-2018 Bookstore Charge Authorization Form via the Dashboard. (Link provided below).

NVCC Dashboard Authorization Form Link

NOVA bookstores will be notified early in the morning and early afternoon each day during the week as new e-signed forms are received via the dashboard.  Complete the form NOW to ensure that the bookstore will have the authorization to use financial aid when you are ready to purchase your books.

Before you use your financial aid for campus bookstore purchases, you check the list below.

  • Are you enrolled in classes?
  • Do you have an approved Financial Aid award large enough to cover tuition, fees and books?
  • Do you have a NOVACard with your student ID number displayed on the front?
  • Is your account free of holds?

If the answer to any of the above is “no”, then you should immediately check your MyNOVA Account and consult your local campus. Application for NOVACard is available in the following link — NOVACard Link


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