Spring 2022 Federal Work-Study Program Information

Most positions will involve working on campus once campus offices reopen on January 12, 2022.  However, if supervisors have work that work-study students can perform remotely, students are permitted to work remotely at the supervisor’s discretion.

Available positions are posted at https://nvcc.studentemployment.ngwebsolutions.com/JobX_FindAJob.aspx.

Eligibility for Spring 2022 Federal Work-Study

In order to potentially qualify for a Spring 2022 federal work-study award, students must:

  • Be eligible for federal student aid,
  • Maintain enrollment in at least six eligible credits,
  • Meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements, and
  • Have enough remaining unmet financial need based on the 2021-2022 FAFSA after taking into consideration other aid that is offered.

Work-study students will be paid $12 or $13 per hour depending on how many semesters they have participated in the work-study program.  After two full semesters of employment, students will be paid $13 per hour.  Work-study students are limited to working a maximum of 15 hours per week.

Hours worked must be entered in HRMS and approved by the deadline shown on the 2022 Work-Study Payroll Calendar.

Requesting a Work-Study Award

If students were not offered a work-study award for Spring 2022 and they are interested in working, they may contact their Campus Work-Study Coordinator to determine if they are eligible for a work-study award.  Once an award is posted on myNOVA, students will have access to start applying for positions on the Job-X employment website the following day.

Process for Submitting Work-Study Employment Documents

Work-study employment documents posted in the NOVA Forms Library will need to be submitted as a PDF as outlined in the steps below.

1. The supervisor downloads the Work-Study Agreement, completes “Section B” by entering the requested information in the fillable fields and signs it.

Note that the employment documents must be actually downloaded and not just opened in a web browser in order for the PDF to show fillable fields.

2.  Students will need to download the appropriate employment forms, complete all applicable fields on each form, and submit the documents to their Campus Work-Study Coordinator.

A.  New hires will need to submit the entire Work-Study Employment Packet.

B.  Rehires will need to submit the Work-Study Rehire Documents.

3.  The Campus Work-Study Coordinator will complete Section C of the Work-Study Agreement and Section 2 of the I-9 form (if applicable). The Campus Work-Study Coordinator will then route the documents to the College Work-Study Coordinator.

4.  The College Work-Study Coordinator will review the documents, post accepted FWS awards, update the budget, and forward documents to HR to be processed.  The student and supervisor will be emailed to confirm when the student is approved to work by the Financial Aid Office.

5.  HR will email the supervisor when the student’s employment is approved by HR. The student may begin working on or after the date referenced in the email from HR.

For more information, please visit www.nvcc.edu/workstudy.