Financial Aid Course Audit: Be Proactive!

The goal of financial aid is to assist students in achieving degree, certificate or CSC comple­tion. Students who receive financial aid must be working toward completion by taking courses required for their chosen programs of study at NOVA. Only required courses will be covered by financial aid for otherwise eligible students.

As fall term approaches, NOVA Financial Aid encourages every student to complete the following steps (Click here for tutorials that can assist you through these steps):

  • Review your program plan to make sure it aligns with your career goals.
  • Run your advisement report from your Student Center on MyNOVA to determine which classes are still needed for degree completion.
  • Check the transfer guide for the receiving school if you are planning to transfer to make sure you are taking the correct courses for transfer.
  • Use required electives wisely and, if possible, fill them with courses required by your transfer school. Courses must be required in your NOVA program or fill open electives in your NOVA program in order to be covered by financial aid at NOVA.
  • Talk with your academic advisor to confirm your progress within your degree plan and to choose the correct courses.
  • Take any additional courses needed for the receiving school on top of terms of at least 12 required credits, when possible, so aid is not reduced.
  • If you register for a course that is ineligible for aid and wish to take it anyway, you must pay for it.
  • Repeat courses needed for grade improvement BEFORE you complete all courses required for your program of study, or they cannot be covered.
  • Stay abreast of your financial aid status and the eligibility and enrollment-level requirements for each type of aid awarded.


Taking classes outside the program of study, withdrawing from or failing to successfully com­plete classes and/or changing programs of study can exhaust the limited Pell Grant and loans avail­able to you before you are able to complete, especially if you are planning to complete a four-year degree. Contact the Financial Aid Support Center at (855) 323-3199, or visit your Campus Finan­cial Aid Office, if you have questions about your aid eligibility.

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NOVA Partners with Inceptia for Default Prevention

You’re not alone when it comes to student loans. NOVA has partnered with Inceptia, a division of National Student Loan Program (NSLP), to provide you with FREE assistance on your Federal student loan obligations to ensure successful, and comfortable, loan repayment. Inceptia’s friendly customer representatives may reach out to you if your loan(s) become delinquent.

Inceptia is not a collection agency. We’ve partnered with them to help you explore a wide variety of possibilities such as alternative repayment plans, deferment, consolidation, discharge, forgiveness, and forbearance options. Inceptia will stay in touch with you via phone calls, letters, and/or emails to help you find answers to your questions and solutions to your issues.

When it’s time to start repaying your student loans, don’t get stressed. If you’re confused about repayment plans or feel your loans are too impossible to tackle, we’ve got the money knowledge and resources to help. Inceptia may contact you with information about loan repayment options. Until then, get some loan knowledge from the Knowl at

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Bookstore Purchases via Financial Aid

Beginning Monday, August 7, 2017, students with enough financial aid to cover tuition and fees plus books may use their approved financial aid awards to purchase books and supplies or rent books for the fall 2017 term at any campus bookstore. The last date to use financial aid for the first book purchase period is Thursday, September 7, 2017 A second book purchase period opens for the second 8-week session for those students who still have anticipated aid remaining.

Students who wish to make their book purchases online must complete and electronically sign the 2017-2018 Bookstore Charge Authorization Form via the Dashboard. (Link provided below).

NVCC Dashboard Authorization Form Link

NOVA bookstores will be notified early in the morning and early afternoon each day during the week as new e-signed forms are received via the dashboard.  Complete the form NOW to ensure that the bookstore will have the authorization to use financial aid when you are ready to purchase your books.

Before you use your financial aid for campus bookstore purchases, you check the list below.

  • Are you enrolled in classes?
  • Do you have an approved Financial Aid award large enough to cover tuition, fees and books?
  • Do you have a NOVACard with your student ID number displayed on the front?
  • Is your account free of holds?

If the answer to any of the above is “no”, then you should immediately check your MyNOVA Account and consult your local campus. Application for NOVACard is available in the following link — NOVACard Link


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The Financial Aid Greenback – Our Financial Aid Newsletter

Financial Aid Newsletter – GREENBACK_JUNE_17_FINAL

Check out the latest issue of Greenback, our Financial Aid newsletter. This issue: Financial Aid Verification Just Became Easier, Free Financial Coaching, Ineligible Classes, Cash Contest updates, and more. This newsletter is designed to help students and staff members stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest in the world of financial aid.


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Win Free Textbooks for a Year!

College Avenue will be doing three random drawings this summer for $1,200 gift cards that can be used to buy textbooks.  You may enter the contest at

By registering for the contest, you will be opting in to the College Avenue distribution list and you will likely receive emails periodically about paying for college and student loan products.  If you are thinking about borrowing a loan for school, only borrow what you absolutely need and can afford to repay!  You should also apply for federal student aid and consider federal student loans before private alternative loans.  Federal student loans usually have lower interest rates and better repayment terms than private student loans.  You may review NOVA’s guide to applying for financial aid at  Please contact the Support Center if you have any questions.

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Guide to Community Resources

Our friends in the Working Students Success Network have compiled a comprehensive list of community resources for the Northern Virginia area.  Information is provided on child care, food, housing, clothing, transportation, employment, medical services, and legal counseling at  A quick 2-page resource guide is also provided here.

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Email to Contact the Financial Aid Support Center

There’s a new way to contact the Financial Aid Support Center!  Simply email and a representative will follow up with you within 48 hours.  If you prefer you may still call the Support Center at 1-855-323-3199 or live chat with an agent or upload documents at  Agents are available 24/7 every day of the year to answer your financial aid questions!

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Quick Money Management Tips

Did you miss our Money Management Workshops this spring?  If so, and if you’d still like to learn some quick tips on managing your personal finances you may view the presentation here.

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April is Financial Literacy Month!

April is National Financial Literacy Month!  Do you feel like you have your finances in order?  If you could use a little help, check out the thirty steps to financial wellness at or schedule a free financial coaching session with NOVA’s Financial Coach, Diana Yacob, who is an Accredited Financial Counselor.  You may reach Diana at

Additional money management tips and resources are available here.

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Check Out the Focus2 – Interactive Career and Education Planning System

FOCUS 2 is an online, interactive, self-guided career and education planning system that can help you:

  • Select a program/major based on your interests and aspirations
  • Discover occupations matching your personal preferences and attributes
  • Map out your career plans, present and future
  • Make informed career decisions

Create an account by self-registering for FOCUS 2 at

  • Access Code: NOVA
  • VCCS student e-mail account required to create an account
  • Status: select appropriate group from list provided
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