Acquaetta Williams

Acquaetta Williams
Without Shadows
Forum Gallery
June 16th, 2018 – September 9, 2018
Reception: June 23rd 2-4PM

The core of my art lays in the synthesis of assemblage and secondhand components. I have created a montage of fragmented forms: lyrical in movement charged with emotion. Through a layering of surfaces I have unzipped and gently peeled away to expose the heart and determination of individuals that have become invisible.

I want the viewer to be slightly thrown off center that these recognizable objects so simple in line and edge can hold such stable tension. The vinyl plays to the illusion of shape shifting through the power of light … even the tiniest of light moves and flickers refusing to settle down. I use bold colors to play to the drama capturing a moment in time. The vinyl pulls the canvas away from the wall at the same time draws the viewer closer. My use of paper adds texture and plays to my love of repetitive shapes. Its nature has a very calming effect as it moves through and around us.

I offer the viewer swirling … sometimes vertigo explosions of saturated energy, overpowering the rigid stability of a rectangular space and establishing bold new perspectives that constantly offer more to be discovered.

My collage paintings are abstract representations – the faceless: street musician, religious frantic and the homeless, their voices echo emotional agitation and sensitivity – the music. Balancing repetitive curves, slashes canvases that reveal more physical form, gritty textures, sharp bold colors that speak to us with compassion and love. Who are those who orchestrate this music, “I am homeless.” They are faceless, vulnerable and fragile.

These urban dwellers have only the repetitive voice of a broken record. I use this material to build intimacy between the viewer and myself.