Bryan Jernigan

Bryan Jernigan
The Passage Gallery
June 16, 2018-July 29, 2018
Reception: Saturday, June 23, 2018, 2-4PM

When I begin painting, I paint intuitively, adjusting the composition and choosing bold and contrasting color. My painting process begins with large, gestural movements that overlap and intersect, building an organic network of line, shape and color.

Along the way, there is a moment where the painting starts to make suggestions and I have to ‘catch’ the clues it gives me. The creative process invites me into the unknown, on its own time frame. The process is truly a conversation between the canvas and I, and in mid-stream, I respond by acknowledging this communication and rearranging plans and intentions. It is essential to balance the early freedom with a sensitive and analytical approach to guide the painting to resolution.

Toward the end, the pace slows; changes become more considered and the colors become more refined, but I am mindful to keep taking daring risks so the painting keeps that feeling of energy.

Beach BeyondWhile I am an abstract artist at heart, most recently I have been trying to bridge the gap successfully between abstract and representational painting in my landscapes. Joining styles together allows me to communicate landscapes in a new way with both whimsy and mystery.

In this show – Peregrination – these abstracted landscapes are my attempt to reveal not only how I see the places I’ve been, but also the feelings I have experienced when absorbing the feelings of a place. Peregrination is a long, and meandering journey – one I feel we are all on from the moment we gain consciousness. Taking in both the physical and mental landscape along the way – and having a feeling of connectedness – is of ultimate importance to me.

To learn more about Bryan, please visit his website at and follow him on instagram at @bryanj